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Editor: Jan Sadler, MBE No.252 March 2016

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The Power of Mind and Body
by Jan Sadler
birds flying
One wet and wintry day I was reluctant to go out for my afternoon walk. I'd had a bad night with sciatica and back pain, followed by a busy morning. I just wanted to curl up with a book. But...

I knew from experience that if I missed my walk and I stayed sitting or lying down I would end up with more pain, not less.

Somehow I found the energy to put on my wet weather gear. I tightened my hood to keep the rain out and stepped out into the stormy conditions.

Soon I became invigorated as I splashed in puddles and was whirled along by the wind. I started to take a real interest in all around me.

I saw catkins dancing and pussy willows softly gleaming in the rain. My path led across a field where gulls and crows were feeding. They let out great squawks and caws of annoyance at being disturbed and took to the air.

The gulls whirled round and round in the wind before settling down again. The rooks tried to fly in a straight line to a tall tree, but were buffeted by the wind making zigzag patterns against the sky.

I love to observe birds' habits. I watched as they all settled down on the field to feed again. Time seemed to stand still.

Suddenly I realised I had been standing for too long so turned around and headed for home.

As I went back indoors I noticed my pain had diminished and I felt uplifted and re-energized.

I was feeling like this because I had stopped thinking about the pressures of life and had come totally into the present moment. I was watching the birds intently, as though for the first time.

The science is that our brain has limited capacity and can only take in a certain amount of information at a time. And so our brain tends to take most notice of whatever it considers of most interest and importance at each moment.

Our job, as people with pain, is to give our brain something to think about that is more interesting than our pain! Something that will distract our brain from the pain.

You may not have a handy field of crows and gulls to wonder at, but anything that you find totally absorbing, and preferably enjoyable, will produce the same pain relieving effect.

Be fascinated and curious about everything around you, it really does take your mind away from pain.

Add this technique to your toolkit of pain relief suggestions and seek out moments that divert and hold your attention throughout the day.

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Message from Jan

Jan Sadler, MBE
I have very much enjoyed writing the PainSupport newsletters and hope that you have found them interesting, informative and amusing. They take a lot of my limited time to produce and so I have decided to focus my efforts on running the PainSupport website. So this newsletter, the 252nd, is sadly the last. You will still be able to find some of our previous newsletters here.

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I’m trying to lose weight by going to the paint shop.
Apparently you can get thinner there.

I’m not telling my wife I’ve just eaten some glue;
my lips are sealed.

I’d quite like to be a millionaire just like my dad;
he always wanted to be a millionaire too.

I just read an advert for a job inspecting mirrors;
I could really see myself doing that.

I went to buy myself some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn’t find any.

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Editor's Note

We hope you've enjoyed the PainSupport newsletters and found the information helpful.

We have bags of information, advice and support about pain relief on our website. So come and see us when you have the need. There will always be something extra you can do to help relieve your pain.
Jan Sadler, MBE

All best wishes - keep smiling - and keep moving!
Jan at PainSupport

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