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Editor: Jan Sadler, MBE No.251 February 2016

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Now read on about why, and how, you need to tame your technology.


How to Tame your Technology
by Jan Sadler
I was given a smartphone at Christmas to replace my old not-so-smart-phone.

I was amazed at what it offered. But soon found I was swamped with messages, emails, notifications and constant upgrades, all with very intrusive vibrations, bleeps and pings.


I had no trouble from my old not-so-smart-phone, it sat there quietly and I looked at it when I wanted to, in my own time. With the new phone I was drawn into picking it up all the time.

I could feel my sense of calm and 'living in the moment' drift away with the constant barrage of information, all of which seemed to need a response.

Action was needed!

I found the settings and turned the sounds and vibrations off. That was all that I needed to do. Now I look at it when I want to, and not when it wants me to.

I learned a good lesson from my new phone.

Maybe you, like me, sometimes find yourself overwhelmed with information and demands. Some of it we might find useful and entertaining but most of what we see is not essential to our lives.

Demands on our time come from e-mails, text messages, spam, social media like Facebook/Instagram/Twitter etc., texts, TV adverts, unwanted phone calls and ‘must see’ programmes. The clock ticks on, life speeds up and the pressure on us rises.

It's a challenge for people unhampered by pain, but for those of us with pain in our lives it can be even more tiring and stressful.

Once we realise that we are, in fact, pressurising ourselves, and don’t have to, we can start to take control, be more selective and slow down.

There is little that wouldn’t be improved by slowing down in every area of our lives. Learning to take your time will improve the quality of your life more than almost anything else.

As well as with technology, other activities such as exercise, conversation and eating are amazingly improved in quality when we are in control, when we slow down and take our time.

How about you take a look at your technological habits and see where you can simplify things too.

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Take control and slow down
woman relaxing
Try some of the simple suggestions below to remove the rush and hurry from your life and restore a more natural and relaxed rhythm.

Notice how things change for you. You will be amazed at the difference in yourself; not only to pain levels but to your whole life.

How about starting right now – but gently, and in your own time, of course.

1. Realise that although you have a phone, it doesn’t mean you have to leave it on – or answer it! When an email, text or other message arrives, it doesn’t mean you have to answer it immediately. And remember, you are in charge of the delete button! If your inbox is out of control, get it back in hand.

2. Set your own pace. When someone or something is pushing you, it’s OK to say 'No, not right now'. Structure your activities, so that you know, before you start, how long it is sensible for you to sit or stand at a task before you need to move.

3. When you find yourself rushing and anxious, stop. Ask yourself WHY you are rushing. The reasons may improve your self-understanding.

4. Plan for three separate moments in your day, whether at home or at work where you pause for peace and quiet and just let go. Do nothing. Do nothing except concentrate on slow deep breathing for a few minutes. Allow space for yourself. Rest, and 'stepping back' from the world for a moment, isn't a luxury; it's a necessity.

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Help others to understand your pain
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