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Editor: Jan Sadler, MBE No.249 December 2015

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But first, read how to step back into calm from the flurry of Christmas...


Step back into Calm
by Jan Sadler
calm woman
In the run up to Christmas and during the festivities it's easy to get frazzled and I find it is essential to take the occasional step back from what I'm doing. A step back into a calm space where there are no lists to be finished, cards to write, presents to buy, parcels to wrap...

I go to a space where time seems to stand still. Being in this space calms my nervous system and kick starts my body's natural relaxation response.

So, where is that calm space?

Well, that calm space is always inside you, waiting for you to enjoy it. But you need to know how to access it – and to remember to use it.

You can find your own calm space in the 'Step Back into Calm' method described below.

This technique can be used when you are on your own or even amongst other people. The technique helps your nervous system to calm down and is one of the most simple and useful techniques you can ever learn.

Step Back into Calm
This technique only takes a minute or so to do, so practice when you can throughout the day.
  1. Stop everything you are currently doing and close your eyes or, if you are with others, just lower your gaze.

  2. Take a moment to sense any tension in your body or mind. Are you feeling anxious? Were you rushing what you were doing? Do you feel tired and in pain?

  3. Now, take a mental step back from these things and slowly breathe out.

  4. Breathe out anxiety and tension. Take a few more slow, deep and gentle in- and out-breaths. Allow any areas of tension to soften and relax on the out-breath.

  5. Become more aware of your whole body and the ground beneath your feet. Then gently come back to your surroundings.

  6. Sense how much more calm your mind is, how more spacious your body feels. You may notice your pain levels have reduced and that you can think more clearly.

When you return to what you were doing, take your time. Carry on with your work from a place of calm rather than a place of rush and hurry.
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This technique will improve the quality of your life more than almost anything else. The technique will also help to conserve some of your valuable energy. Used regularly throughout the day it will leave you free to enjoy the sparkle and excitement of Christmas – and all the days ahead.

A very Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Three top tips for a calm Christmas

  • Plan ahead and be totally realistic as to what you can - and can't - do.

  • Take care of yourself. Eat healthily, keep hydrated and get enough sleep and rest periods every day.

  • Above all, enjoy what you do.


    Christmas treats - for you or someone else

    Some suggestions for you:
    foaming bath wash
    Foaming bath wash Neal's Yard organic infusions of mineral-rich seaweed, juniper and comfrey, combined with essential oils of lemon, lavender, pine, juniper and therapeutic arnica extract create this lovely foaming bath wash to easy away aches and pains. It would also make a lovely Christmas present for some lucky person.
    Neal's Yard bath wash

    3 for the price of 2
    Marks & Spencer offer three items for the price of two in their Christmas department. For example, you can buy three of this gorgeous French Vanilla Scented Candles for the price of two. They have everything from wrapping paper to decorations included in their offer.
    Marks & Spencer candles

    relax Stay cosy this winter. Block those draughts with one these bright draught excluders. These are on Ebay but similar draught excluders can be bought elsewhere too.
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    Christmas Links

    santa's sleigh
    Christmas Fun
    Here's one for your inner child to enjoy! Follow Santa's Christmas sleigh journey around the world:

    Free e-cards
    Free cards to support charities:
    Natural History Museum:
    Farm Africa:
    Art cards from Moma:
    Not free but just a small subscription for these terrific e-cards:

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    'If you can hardly move and need basic slow Pilates exercises with slow, plain explanation, this is the one for you.'
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    Please check with your doctor before using, to make sure the exercises are suitable for your particular condition.

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    Jan Sadler, MBE
    A very Merry Christmas to everyone!
    Keep smiling, keep moving!

    Jan at PainSupport

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