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Editor: Jan Sadler, MBE No.248 November 2015

Welcome to the latest PainSupport newsletter. In our monthly newsletters we give you all the top tips and techniques to help you manage your pain and live life to the full.

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But first read about a brilliant technique to reduce your pain and stress...


A Powerful - and Easy - Pain Relief Technique
by Jan Sadler
woman thinking
I find that one of the most powerful ways to cope with my pain is by...

not thinking about it!

That sounds impossible, I know, so, what is this technique?

This simple technique is 'distraction'.

Pain experts now encourage patients to use this method as a valuable tool in pain management. It's a powerful way to temporarily relieve even quite severe and intense pain.

Distraction works because your mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time - On whatever it considers to be of most importance.

For distraction methods to work you need to give your mind something totally absorbing, and preferably enjoyable, to focus upon. Your mind will then think that this activity is more important than your pain.

You probably use this method already, even without knowing it. For instance, you might use the computer or watch television to 'take your mind off the pain'.

While I'm writing this newsletter, for example, I am unaware of the pain, unless, of course, I sit for too long. Then, as the pain rises, it will draw my attention away from the newsletter and on to the pain.

To avoid a pain flare-up, I set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes and move when it goes off. This way the pain doesn't get a chance to break through or increase. This method is good pacing of your activities. Pacing is an essential pain management skill.

You have no need to feel guilty about setting time aside to enjoy yourself! Distraction is a really useful pain management tool, as is pacing. By reducing the pain you are helping yourself to cope better.

Some suggestions for activities that distract

Do you have any activities where you are so focussed that you are unaware of the pain? If so, that's great. If not, you could try some of the suggestions below.
  • Art and crafts – any activity that uses your hands. Find out more here.
  • Absorb yourself in a really good book. We have some 'good read' suggestions for you here.
  • Go to a movie or watch television/DVD.
  • Write to your family/friends.
  • Play with a pet.
  • A relaxation or visualisation session – plenty available from the PainSupport website Shop here.
  • Listen to music through a headset or earphones. Move or tap to the rhythm too.
  • An adult education class or a home learning course.
  • Take your camera on a walk: out in the park, your garden, indoors. Take different and unusual shots, be creative. Join our garden photo group. Find out more here.

Find out even more...
Pacing information From our website
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Adult colouring books are all the rage.
coloured zentangle
Experts say that adult colouring books can be a great antidote to stress. When we focus on the patterns and colours, we become totally distracted from the pain and relax down into a meditative state.

The website EasyPeasyAndFun have 'zentangle' pages you can download and colour - with no charge. They offer delightful shapes and patterns and all you need is coloured pens or pencils for hours of relaxing fun. Find them here:
Elephant colouring pattern
Abstract colouring pattern
abstract zentangle

Do an internet search to find many more 'zentangles' and other patterns to colour, with no charge.

The Book Depository has many books of patterns of all kinds to buy. No postal charges too.
Book Depository pattern books

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Thank you for making this forum possible. I wanted to say that from all the advice and information on there I've learnt more in the last week than in the last ten years.

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A member's recommendation
Have you tried the Alexander Technique?
What ever your age or ability, the Technique can relieve the pain and stress caused by postural habits. We often don't realise how tense our bodies are, especially when in pain. With the Technique you can release this tension and move more freely than you ever thought possible.

PainSupport member Kathleen says,
I have hypermobility syndrome as well as degenerative disc disease so never know how I am going to feel from one hour to the next. One thing that has worked really well for me is the Alexander Technique. I have one-on-one sessions with my Alexander Teacher and I am also able to practice on my own between sessions. It has helped my back especially.
Find out more about the Alexander Technique

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Please check with your doctor and/or physio before starting new exercises or movements to make sure they are suitable for your specific condition.

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After many attempts a scientist successfully managed to clone his own genes.
He was so thrilled he was beside himself.

Villager: It was 'ere that Catherine of Aragon was bitten by a mad dog.
Tourist: Tudor?
Villager: Yes, chewed 'er something 'orrible it did.

A butcher is 7 foot tall and wears size 14 shoes, what does he weigh? answer: sausages

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