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Editor: Jan Sadler, MBE No.246 September 2015

Welcome to the PainSupport newsletter. Our newsletter and website are here to show you how to live the best you can despite your chronic pain. Our Forum is always open for your questions and comments and our Shop is always open for books and relaxation CDs and Downloads.
Now read our newsletter, it's all about how to get back to sleep when you've been woken by pain in the night...


Just Imagine!
by Jan Sadler
woman asleep
Do you, like me, sometimes wake up at night and find that your restless mind has turned to re-playing worrying situations?

As we're so good at recreating worrying events why not use this fantastic ability in a positive way to recall some of the good times we've had. Or make up our own scene, maybe an imaginary island, a beautiful garden or some other special safe and peaceful place.

When I'm aware that my mind has wandered off track to unhelpful events, I tell myself to 'Stop!' and that I don't need to worry about that now. Then I use my powers of imagination in a constructive and creative way which allows me to relax and leads me back to sleep.

This is what to do:

Think back to an experience or location when you were really happy or go to your own special imaginary place.
Imagine the time and place in full glorious Technicolor. See the sights, the colours, the people, what you are wearing. Use all your senses. See if you can recall some sounds, aromas or how something feels to the touch, or even taste some delicious food or drink. Fill in as much detail as possible and relive the enjoyment and happiness again.

Practice until you can 'bring up' your special happy place whenever you wish.

Use this method to help you to relax, release tension and become more at ease and comfortable with yourself. Sleep will then come more easily.

This sense of happiness and relaxation is always within you, ready for whenever you have need of it, so use it as often as you can.

If you're new to this method of using your imagination and would like some guidance, try our CD or Download 'Perfect Relaxation'. It is packed with spoken tracks ranging from one minute to fifteen minutes, all of which have been designed to bring about perfect relaxation.
Find out about the CD here
Find out about the Download here

Find out more about using your imagination on our website page here.

A question?

Do you have any practical day to day challenges with pain and how it affects your life? If you do, you are welcome to send your question to me for discussion in a future newsletter. You would remain anonymous, of course. Whatever affects your life probably affects many of us. This is a great way to support each other.

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cat stretching
Watch a cat or dog...

They know instinctively that their body needs a good stretch before they get going.

We need to do the same.

Remember: 'Start low and go slow...'


'Start low' - when you start, do just a few repetitions with only one or two of the exercises.

'And go slow...' - don't rush through your exercises, go gently and slowly in and out of each movement.

There are some good basic exercises on the University Spine Pain website below.
University Spine Pain Exercises to strengthen your back
University Spine Pain Information blog

See PainSupport's Exercise page too.

Read what some of our members say about exercise

PainSupport logo D.W. says,
I have just finished a pain management programme and I have been shown the importance of exercising every day. The physios on the programme have given me exercises to do that I do daily. I also had hydrotherapy and again they showed that even just using a float you can get a good work out in water. I must admit the prospect of taking my top off to go swimming filled me with horror (men can have body issues) I plucked up the courage and did it. Now I exercise in water every day at my local pool. l now understand that I do have flare ups but on these days even if the pain is bad just doing gentle stretches help. Don't get me wrong it's nowhere near the exercise or stretches I used to be able to do but it is better than my old strategy of going to bed, this just deconditioned me even more. I have also lost 6 pound which is a bonus!

PainSupport logo K. J. says,
I went to the pain clinic and target setting enabled me to get some of the old me back. However the key component was stretching and exercise together with mindfulness. The back pain and central pain is always there but now I've learnt to cope.

PainSupport logo R. D. says,
I have a spinal stenosis at L5 and permanent sciatica. The physios couldn't help me but my son said maybe yoga could help. So I searched in my area and found a class to suit me and I have to say it was amazing. I feel so much better, it seems the way forward in more ways than one. It’s a change of mind set as much as anything else, there's still a degree of pain there but I just need to spend 20-30 mins doing the movements at home and am back to bearable pain, so will I carry on most definitely.

'Yoga for backs'
All the teachers with the 'Yoga for Backs' courses are specially trained to teach simple yoga exercises for people with 'bad backs'.
Home page:
Find a teacher:

It worked for me!
A member's recommendation
PainSupport member A.S. says,

'Hi Jan, I used to struggle walking with my stick and a pull along shopping trolley. Now I have a four wheeled stroller with a basket and seat that I use when I pop out anywhere that is too far to walk and of course it is good for putting shopping in its basket. I hope this helps others. Kind Regards, A. S.'

Please tell us!!
If you try any product or idea that helps you in some way please let us know. Even if it only reduces symptoms a little, it may help others too.
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woman using computer
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Here is a wonderful message recently received from T.K., a UK member of the PainSupport Contact Club,

I've made some very special friends and in times of need I can e-mail them and just by spending those hours of bad pain e-mailing helps you get through it. We understand each other's pain. We talk about all sorts of things, not just our pain, it helps the time pass. Thanks so much. T.

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Relaxation for pain control

All of Jan's CDs have been voted top relaxation CDs by people such as, Holland and Barrett and Woman's Weekly Magazine. Full details from our Shop

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Perfect Relaxation 'Perfect Relaxation' is just what its name says. Eight different tracks of perfect relaxation. Explore a tropical paradise, take a walk by the sea, relax by a stream or discover your own secret hideaway.
Pacing Workbook And, of course, our popular 'Pacing for Pain Relief Workbook' for just £3.00.

Jan's CDs always include simple techniques for breathing for pain relief. Also, of course, there are tracks for pure relaxation using visualisation and relaxation techniques. All you need to do is listen to Jan's soothing voice and your pain and tension will float away!

Go to our Shop to download or buy CDs or books.

Just for You - worksheets and downloads all at no charge
NB Print the above two Pain Logs to keep track of your pain and find out what affects it. Use your Logs to show your doctor how your pain affects you.

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Words of Wisdom...

'The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.'
- - Henry Ward Beecher

Laughter is the best medicine

smiling girl cartoon

When I retired from my job as a human cannonball, the circus owner told me he didn’t think he would find anyone else of the same calibre as me.

A friend of mine got drunk and went to an auction.
He doesn’t remember a lot.

The electricity company cut my friend off without telling him why.
I don’t know why they’re keeping him in the dark.

We have thousands of jokes in our Laughter is the best medicine series on the Forum, here's a link to all the latest:
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