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A Flare-up? How to Ease the Pain
by Jan Sadler
woman writing notes
Last month I mentioned that I had a major flare-up of pain. The one thing that helped me most of all was to stick to my daily routine as far as possible. The regular activities gave some pattern and shape to the days. The routine saved me from getting low and kept me on an even keel.

When we're in pain, we're sometimes so overwhelmed that we forget the useful activities and techniques we've learnt along the way. And yet there is so much we can do to ease the pain, to keep us hopeful and to stay calm and forward thinking.

This is where a regular daily routine will help. Routines help us get things done without having to think too hard about what we need to do next.

Below are just a few of the items that I've built into my regular daily routine. I stick to my routine as far as possible. If I can't do all my exercises I cut back, the same with the walks, but I do as much as I can.

Some of my Daily Routine items
  • Eat regular healthy meals.
  • Exercise around the same time every morning and afternoon.
  • Meditate and relax after exercising.
  • Step back from life every hour and take 'breathing breaks' (see the next article further below).
  • Take hot baths for pain relief a couple of times a day, plus hot/cold packs.
  • Do something that I really enjoy every day.
  • Use soothing creams and gels, like BioFreeze and Emu Oil.
  • Take short walks throughout the day. Enjoy nature while I'm out.
  • Keep my 'goodybag' beside me (see article further below).
  • Before bed, write a brief list of anything extra that needs to be done the next day. Then there's no need to think about it during the night.
  • When settling down to sleep, remember and re-live any moments of enjoyment from the day.
I would urge you to write your own Daily Routine list. It is so worthwhile to take the time now to think about what you actually need to do to help you cope with the pain.

Your list will be different from mine as you know best what works for you. Use the list every day as a reminder of what to do. Place it somewhere prominent or put it on your phone or tablet.

A regular routine will help to support you every day, not just when you have a flare-up of pain. And if you do have a flare-up – you will know what to do - automatically.

worksheet You are welcome to use the worksheet pictured on the left to make your list.
Here's your printable
'Daily Routine' worksheet.

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Take a 'Breathing Break'

Every now and then throughout the day, come into the present and concentrate on deep, slow breathing for a calming effect. Here's how...

  1. STOP what you're doing - bring your attention to your body.
  2. Breathe in gently through your nose right down into your abdomen.
  3. Let the breath out softly, with a gentle sigh, through a slightly opened mouth.
  4. Imagine all the pain flows out with your breath...
  5. Notice the release of tension in your body...
  6. Enjoy the feelings of calm and of being in control.

Take 2 - 6 slow breaths like this when you feel under pressure from pain or stress.

Even better, of course, is a 10-15 minute relaxation session where you can totally relax and let go of tension. You will really notice how the pain just flows away. We have some lovely CDs and downloads to help and inspire you.
Our Shop

The Oxford Mindfulness website has lots of resources. Scroll to the end of the page at the link below for a 3 minute mindfulness exercise.
Find out more here

What to put in your 'goody bag' for not so good days
goody basket
We all have good days and less good days. Learn to make the most of your good days and to make the best of the others.

Prepare in advance for things you can do when you are limited with your activities, for example:

  • Have a stack of books, magazines or DVDs to read/watch.
  • Collect a pile of crosswords from your newspaper so that you have the next day's answers in case you get frustrated with a clue! Or buy a crossword or sudoku book.
  • Buy or make some cards and send those to friends and family instead of e-mails or texts.
  • Collect some relaxation CDs or have Downloads on your phone or tablet.
  • Pencils and drawing pad.
  • Keep in some special treats, a perfumed candle to light beside a warm bath, a bar of chocolate, packet of nuts, or favourite snack or drink.
  • A journal - to write down and focus on what you DO have in your life instead of what you're missing.

Look in our 'Free For You' section below for free downloads of relaxation ideas and pain logs to help you keep track of your progress.

What will you put in your basket? Be prepared! Start your collection today.

It works for me!
A member's recommendation
a 'to do' list
PainSupport member Ann R includes this idea in her routine.

'Hi Jan...
I wonder if other people do what I do every Sunday!
To help me remember my appointments and other things I must not forget, I get a BIG piece of card (back of a cereal box in my case) and transfer on to that everything I have booked on my calendar or in my diary for the next 7 days.

'I write the days in one colour, dates in another colour. Then I highlight in other colours things I absolutely must not forget. I did this for my Mum when she had dementia and it helped no end. Whatever gets you through I say! Best wishes, Ann'

Thank you, Ann. I love lists! They really do help us to keep on track.

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It's so nice being able to talk to people who feel the same and who have been through the same. You don't have to explain how you feel, they already know, you can just talk about things like normal people, but they understand the constraints! Thanks Jan! Kind regards and Best Wishes, Kate x

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