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Editor: Jan Sadler, MBE No.243 June 2015
How to take the Fear out of Flare-ups
by Jan Sadler
woman looking out of window I've just had a huge flare-up of pain and I went through a stage of wondering if the pain would ever settle and I was also upset with myself for causing the pain,thinking, "Why did I do that!"

I expect you've been there too...

It's natural to be upset and angry when we're hurting, and easy to feel sorry for ourselves. It's understandable, but ultimately unhelpful.

We need a clear mind so we can think calmly and constructively about ways to handle the situation.

We need to learn how to tune out unhelpful thoughts as fast as we can - just like when you hit the wrong radio station and need to make a fast move to get away from the blare of unwanted noise.

You have the power to choose to tune in to a different 'station' - one that is helpful and supportive.

So, when you're aware of those unpleasant thoughts, say firmly to yourself,


Your mind will immediately be open and free. You can then tune in to more helpful and effective thoughts.

Try some of the suggested phrases below for starters or make up some of your own.

Mood-raising phrases
These messages carry uplifting and positive energy.
  • I can deal with this.
  • I will stay calm and think sensibly about how best to help the pain to settle down.
  • I know many methods that will calm and relax me. I will use them now.
  • I will concentrate on the good things in my life and on what I CAN do at this time.
  • I will use the suggestions on the PainSupport website - and, best of all, I can talk to others in the same situation on the Forum and in the Contact Club.

Choose, and learn by heart, a few thoughts that are really meaningful to you. Write them down and keep them by you. Read the words throughout the day with an attitude of kindliness towards yourself. Practice until you know them really well and can use them automatically when you really need them.

When you tune out unhelpful thoughts and tune in to supportive and constructive thoughts you are learning a skill that will last you the whole of your life - so it's well worth making the effort.

Find more resources here...
Download our 'Mood-Changer' worksheet to help you make your list.
Download 'What I need to do' to keep as well as possible worksheet.
Forum and Contact Club
Our Pain Relief section is packed with pages of techniques and suggestions
Pacing information from our website
Pacing Workbook download from our Shop
Jan's best selling Pain Relief Book and CD from our Shop


Keep Moving
woman exercising
Movement is vital for people with pain. Many of us tend to shy away from exercise in case it makes us worse. So take care with your exercises and approach them gently. Don't push through the pain. Find a routine you can cope with and that will help to keep you flexible and as strong as possible. Movement also encourages endorphins, our body's natural pain relieving agents, and so we feel better too. I do my exercises outside as far as possible so I get the benefit of fresh air as well.

The website below has well-explained, good, all-round exercise plans. There are exercises to cover Endurance, Strength, Balance, and Flexibility. They are designed for older people, which means that they aren't too strenuous for those of us with chronic pain. Take a look and select a few from each section to try. Take care and only perform each exercise once or twice at first and gradually build up.
Tips for doing exercises safely

Please check with your doctor before starting a new exercise plan to make sure the exercises are suitable for your condition.

A question?

Do you have any practical day to day challenges with pain and how it affects your life? If you do, you are welcome to send your question to me for discussion in a future newsletter. You would remain anonymous, of course. Whatever affects your life probably affects many of us. This is a great way to support each other.

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Moments of mindfulness
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Take a moment to be comfortable just where you are.
Gently rest your eyes on a point somewhere in front of you.
Withdraw your attention from all distraction around you.
Close your eyes if you wish.
Place your attention on your breath, notice that it's cool as you breathe in and warmer on the out-breath.
Let any thoughts that arise just pass you by, without following them.
Come back to your breath each time you find you start thinking about other things.
Continue like this for a minute or two – or maybe longer.
When you open your eyes, be still for a moment to appreciate any peaceful feelings you now may have.
Carry on with your day, taking those feelings with you.

Use this exercise as often as you like during the day.
PainSupport's Mindfulness page

More moments of peace
Register on The Peace Pulse site and you will receive an automatic hourly chime to remind you to 'stop and breathe'.
Peace Pulse site
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An Invitation…
woman using computer
Find new friends who truly understand

The PainSupport Contact Club

If you're not already a member, why not join our highly successful and popular Confidential Contact Club? There is, of course, no charge! There are lots of lovely people out there who just happen to have pain in their lives but who are determined to make the most of things despite it all.

YOU have much to offer them, and they have much to offer YOU. Ease the pain by sharing life's ups and downs with those who understand.

Here is a wonderful message recently received from Shirley, a UK member of the PainSupport Contact Club,
Hi Jan, Just a quick thank you for the last newsletter. I get such a lot from your newsletters. Also I am now regularly emailing a really nice lady from the Pain Support Contact Club. We have similar problems and it is so good to be in touch. Shirley

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They work for me!
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PainSupport member Lynda says,

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packet of kalmsI also take Kalms which do not take away the pains but do make them more bearable.

I hope these two can help others a little. The balm is available on line and the Kalms are in most chemists. Thanks for your great newsletters. Lynda'

Emu balm

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Words of Wisdom...
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'Life is not what it's supposed to be. It is what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference'
-- Virginia Satir

Laughter is the best medicine

smiling girl cartoon
Someone threw a lump of cheese at me the other day.
I looked at it and thought,
'That’s not very mature.'

I had to give up my job at the dress alteration company.
Apparently I didn't turn up enough.

A friend of mine who has a pessimistic attitude lost his job as a barman.
The trouble was that with him, the glass was always half empty.

We have thousands of jokes in our Laughter is the best medicine series on the Forum, here's a link to all the latest:
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Editor's Note

We hope you've enjoyed the PainSupport newsletter and find the information useful. Send us your comments and items for the newsletter, we love to hear from you.

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Jan Sadler, MBE

All best wishes - keep smiling - and keep moving!
Jan at PainSupport

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