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Editor: Jan Sadler, MBE No.241 April 2015
The Secret of Pain Control
by Jan Sadler
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There were dramatic changes to my life when, many years ago, I developed chronic pain after an accident followed some years later by an operation which failed to help. I tried medication to relieve the pain, of course, and also every therapy, device and supplement I could find. All to no avail.

I was very restricted in what I could do. First of all, I had to give up my job because of the pain. Then I found normal activities gave me a major flare-up of pain. Driving was impossible, as was taking my dog for a walk, working in the garden or even making a meal. I spent most of my time flat on my back, in an attempt to recover from trying to do something 'normal'. I began to feel helpless and out of control.

I'm sure this is a familiar story for many of us.

There seemed to be no escape from these problems until one day I heard on the radio about a new pain self-management programme in London. This programme helped people to come to terms with pain and to learn skills to control and reduce pain.

I was impressed by what I heard. I determined to find out all I could about pain self-management. There was no internet back then, so the local library helped me find relevant books.

I learnt four basic facts. To overcome the feelings of helplessness and get back on track -
  1. I needed to regain a sense of control.
  2. I needed to break the belief that I couldn't do anything without causing more pain.
  3. I was guaranteed to fail if I kept doing things in the same way as I had before pain.
  4. I needed to take small steps and achieve some small victories, and then build upon them. Even a tiny piece of success is proof that we can succeed, that we do have some power and control.

I decided to take a walk each day. Initially I only walked an incredibly short distance as it was important that I didn't increase the pain. When I could do that for a few days without extra pain, I walked a few steps further. In that way I very slowly built up my walking distance. I kept a record of how many steps I took each day so I could see my progress. I felt so pleased and proud of this achievement. I felt I was getting back in control.

Even now, I still aim make improvements in walking and in other aspects of my life. If, like me you can't walk long distances, try three or four very short walks throughout the day. This still has all round health benefits including a great sense of achievement and control over the pain.

The approach I use is called 'pacing' and 'goal setting'. These techniques are the cornerstone of all Pain Management Programmes.

No matter your level of ability right now, you too can learn skills to control and reduce the pain and widen and enjoy your life even more.

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Step 1 of your goals. Your Goals worksheet
Step 2 of your goals. Your Goal Achiever worksheet

Tips to gain control over your pain
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Work on one new goal at a time.

Choose something that is important to you.

Set just one small and realistic goal for yourself.
  • Break down the goal into smaller chunks so you don't do too much at a time.
  • Your aim is to increase your activity slowly, at a rate that does not increase your pain.
  • You could time yourself if it helps you to remain in control.
  • Imagine you feel calm and are handling the situation well.
  • See yourself doing your activity easily and freely.

Remember that we don't always get it right and sometimes flare-ups will happen. Just start again. Maybe drop back a step or so until your pain evens out again.

Finally, praise yourself - over and over.

And - keep going!

There's a section on finding and setting goals in our Pacing Download Workbook

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Relaxation for pain control

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Pet and plant therapy
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It has been scientifically proven that people with a plant or animal to look after do better than those without. Caring for something is a responsible job and has real health benefits.

Our pets can actually make us physically and mentally healthier. Just the presence of our pets can lift our spirits and help us relax. Stroking your pet actually reduces blood pressure. Pet owners suffer from less depression and cope with grief, stress and loss better. Dogs especially help us get out and enjoy the outdoors while getting some regular exercise.
Benefits of pet ownership

Plants have the benefit of helping to detox your home by absorbing vapours from items around the home. NASA scientists scored ivy with top marks for improving oxygen levels all over the house.
gerbera daisy
Try Gerbera daisies to help freshen stuffy rooms and stand an ivy or peace lily near your computer. Take care if you have a cat as some plants are toxic to them.
The ASPCA have a list of toxic and non-toxic plants for cats:
ASPCA toxic plant list

Buy plants online from:

Pet Therapy link
Pets as therapy


It worked for me!
A member's recommendation
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Ann R, a PainSupport member, has recommended the HDA Patient Care Trust. She says they were very helpful.

The HDA say that you can have an impartial and informed second opinion on your healthcare. Their aim is to give patients a free second opinion when they feel as if they have reached a roadblock in their treatment. They review medical histories and give patients an independent, unbiased opinion from one of their doctors or specialists. There is no charge for the service.

You can contact them at any time when you feel you’ve exhausted the advice and treatment you can get through your own doctor and the NHS. They say they don’t exclude any medical conditions.

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