CDs, Downloads and Books by Jan Sadler of PainSupport

UPDATE  Please click DOWNLOADS (below) for all currently available products. We regret CDs and the Book & CD packages are sold out. Book & CD packages are available on Amazon and other online stores.

Jan’s recordings have been chosen as the very best available in reviews by the BackCare Charity, Holland & Barrett and Woman’s Weekly. Her books are published in both the UK and USA and are endorsed by leading professionals in pain management. Downloads of recordings and the Pacing Workbook are available in our Shop.

Jan’s recordings have been specially produced to help you reduce pain and stress. With Jan’s soothing tones you will drift down into a state of pure relaxation with a more peaceful mind and body, filled with comfort and ease.

Jan’s book and CD packages are sure to inspire, comfort and uplift you. They are packed with simple techniques putting you in control of your pain and to help you live a more comfortable and enjoyable life.  NB The Book and CD packages are not available from our Shop but  can be found online at Amazon and other stores.

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