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IMPORTANT! Please read the instructions below before buying a download.

by Jan Sadler, MBE
Highly recommend by whose review team reported that the Relax and Release your Pain CD/Download is by far the best relaxation compilation they have ever had the pleasure of listening to and, more importantly, benefitted from.

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The Relax and Release Your Pain Download is perfect for both beginners and those more experienced with relaxation and pain relief techniques. The recordings have been especially produced to help you reduce your pain and stress. The soothing tones of Jan’s voice allow you to drift down into a state of pure relaxation and achieve a peaceful mind and body, bringing comfort and ease. Plus two encouraging short talks on various ways to manage and reduce your pain.

Track Titles
1 A short talk about relaxation methods.
2 A full-length body scan and relaxation, voice only.
3 A short talk about simple pain reducing techniques.
4 Gentle music backs this wonderful visualisation, which includes a special message for you to help you relax and release pain throughout the day.
5 Relaxing music, no voice.

Julie-Anne (US), who was new to pain relief techniques, says,
‘Dear Jan, Your CD, Relax and Release your Pain, is an amazing find for me. I was in despair with my pain, now I feel so much better. I’ve got my life back again. Your lovely voice is so reassuring and relaxing. I had no idea I could help myself in the ways you’ve shown me. Thank you, thank you. Julie-Anne’

Download Instructions
At the end of the transaction, whether you pay by card or by PayPal, you will see a PayPal page with a link saying ‘Return to PainSupport’, or similar wording. Click that link and you will then be taken to another page for the tracks. You will also receive an email with all the tracks ready for you to download. You can then burn them on to a CD from your computer or download directly to an Android device.
Please note: once purchased, the tracks are available to download on to your computer or device for the next 48 hours only.

iPad, iPod or iPhone?
Please only order a download if you are comfortable with importing an MP3 into iTunes. For an iPad you will need to use install Dropbox or similar to get the MP3 file on to your device.
Otherwise, you are welcome to buy the CD version.

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