Pain Relief without Drugs CD

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by Jan Sadler
Highly recommended by Dr. Chris Wells, leading Consultant in Pain Management, Liverpool.

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The Pain Relief Without Drugs CD includes many really useful and practical pain relieving techniques. You can practice along with Jan as she demonstrates the methods, plus you can enjoy many truly relaxing and healing relaxation and visualisation sessions.

1 Introductory talk.
2 Breathing practice.
3 Mini-relaxer.
4 The Sanctuary visualisation – delightfully descriptive and very relaxing.
5 A full-length and deeply relaxing, pain relieving Body Scan.
6 Golden Light Visualisation; deeply relaxing and pain relieving.

Claire W (UK) wrote with her comments,
“Dear Jan, Thanks a million for this CD. I have reduced my painkillers down to only one a day from 3 a day! It has helped me so much and I just love listening to the Golden Healing Light visualisation, it’s so relaxing and my pain disappears completely.”

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