Pacing for Pain Relief Workbook Download

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Pacing for Pain Relief Workbook Download

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by Jan Sadler
Pacing is a vital element of all Pain Management Programmes and this workbook allows you to learn at home how to control and relieve your pain.

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Pacing is widely taught in Pain Management Clinics and is the balancing act between doing too much, and so causing more pain, or doing too little, and becoming inactive.

Pacing for Pain Relief is a 32-page attractively illustrated booklet with a step by step guide to successful pacing. The workbook is packed with ideas to help you monitor your activities, increase your activity levels without increasing your pain, and to set goals. It includes charts for you to complete and also an ‘Anti-Panic Card.’ The card is a useful reminder of techniques to deal instantly with flare-ups of pain or stress.

Ann L B, a PainSupport member, says,
‘Jan, I would like to thank you for the pacing booklet, which I have found invaluable. Your booklet is the direction I have needed to plan a way out of my pain problems.’

Download Instructions
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