A Good Night’s Sleep, including a new 65 minute CD

May 31, 2014 | By More


by Jan Sadler, MBE
Highly recommended by Woman’s Weekly Magazine, Holland & Barrett and Dr Richard G. Petty.

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With this comforting and enlightening book, you will learn how to gain a natural and tranquil night’s sleep, every night. The well-proven methods in the book combine to reduce stress and anxiety throughout the day and provide peaceful sleep at night.

Listen to the CD that is included with the book and you are virtually guaranteed a peaceful night’s sleep, right through the night!

A PainSupport member’s endorsement
“The sleep package is superb, it has restored me to excellent sleep quality after years of dreadful insomnia. I can recommend it to anyone in pain or ‘just’ with insomnia, like me. It’s life-changing. Thanks so much, Jan.”
Phil (England)

The CD can be bought separately.

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