A Good Night’s Sleep CD (Download)

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'A Good Night's Sleep' Download

IMPORTANT! Please read the instructions below before buying a download.

by Jan Sadler, MBE
Holland & Barrett's researchers voted this CD/Download top of all the sleep CDs they listened to, as did Woman's Weekly Magazine.

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This is the Download version of the 65 minute CD that is included in Jan Sadler’s book, A Good Night’s Sleep. The recording is totally peaceful and beautifully relaxing, sleep is virtually guaranteed! The well-proven methods included on the CD and the Download combine to reduce stress and anxiety through the day and bring peaceful and tranquil sleep right through the night – every night.

Track Titles
1 Introduction
2 Stop and Breathe technique
3 Peaceful Sleep Affirmation
4 Peaceful Sleep Body Scan
5 Visualisation Introduction
6 House of Dreams Visualisation
7 Peaceful Sleep Bedtime Routine Introduction
8 Peaceful Sleep Bedtime Routine to use at night

Phil (England) loved this CD, he said,
‘A Good Night’s Sleep is superb, it has restored me to excellent sleep quality after years of dreadful insomnia. I can recommend it to anyone in pain or ‘just’ with insomnia, like me. It’s life-changing. Thanks so much, Jan.’

The book, A Good Night’s Sleep (including CD), can be bought separately. Please see the Books section.

Download Instructions
At the end of the transaction, whether you pay by card or by PayPal, you will see a PayPal page with a link saying ‘Return to PainSupport’, or similar wording. Click that link and you will then be taken to another page for the tracks. You will also receive an email with all the tracks ready for you to download. You can then burn them on to a CD from your computer or download directly to an Android device.
Please note: once purchased, the tracks are available to download on to your computer or device for the next 48 hours only.

iPad, iPod or iPhone?
Please only order a download if you are comfortable with importing an MP3 into iTunes. For an iPad you will need to use install Dropbox or similar to get the MP3 file on to your device.
Otherwise, you are welcome to buy the CD version.

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