Positive Thinking

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The power of your thoughts

Your thoughts directly and immediately affect how your body operates and how you feel.




For example, when you think of your pain these thoughts create stress, tension and negative emotions. When you think of a happy and fun time in your life those thoughts create positive emotions and relax your body.

What positive thinking can do for you

Positive thinking can:

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  • Relax your body and mind.
  • Activate your healing system.
  • Reduce your pain.
  • Ensure you achieve more.
  • Increase your control over your pain.
  • Increase your happiness and wellbeing.

Some points to consider

Thoughts come to your mind automatically. But you, the inner You, the power behind the thoughts, can intervene. You are the ‘Thinker in your Mind’. You can choose to follow a thought pattern or not.

Just because a thought comes to your mind it does not mean you have to believe it.  You can choose to think thoughts that are creative and fruitful rather than downbeat and anxious.

How to stop negative thoughts in their tracks

Become aware of your thoughts and repeated thought patterns. Avoid limiting, negative thoughts that include words like: shouldoughtmustalwaysnever

When you notice you are thinking negatively use the simple ‘Stop and Change’ technique and say to yourself: “STOP!” Your mind will be shocked into silence. Then change to a positive thought. It’s best to have these prepared (see the Affirmations page).

Some examples could be:

  • “Be still, this will pass.”
  • “It’s easy to …” (relax, handle this, be calm, etc. etc.)
  • “I concentrate on what I can do.”

You don’t even have to believe the affirmations at first – your subconscious mind will take the instructions on board and obey them.

Care for and comfort your body

Your own powerful healing force strives continually to repair your body. This force operates most effectively when you are relaxed and feeling good inside. Powerful healing agents flood your body, including endorphins, the pain-relievers.

Remember – focus on the positive aspects of life and on
what you can do to help yourself.

No-one likes having pain, but here it is and it needs your care.  Your best support yourself by developing a compassionate attitude towards your body and your pain…

  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Respect your body for what it can and cannot do at the moment.
  • Help your body in whatever way you can.
  • Have an attitude of loving kindness and compassion towards your body.
  • Talk to the part that hurts.
  • Thank your body for everything it has done for you in the past.
  • Apologise for if you have mistreated it in any way.
  • Tell your body and your pain that you are doing your best to care for it now.
  • Ask your body and your pain to let you know if there is anything it needs.
  • Breathe warmth and relaxation into the hurt part.

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