Pain Relief

pain relief

Pain Relief Techniques

The good news is…

… we can show you many easy and effective ways to reduce your pain.

There are many pain relief techniques to choose from, but you don’t have to use all of them at once! Start with one or two that appeal to you and build from there. Some are instantly helpful and others may take a little more time. If you are new, the Relaxation and Breathing pages are a good place to start.

Come back to the Pain Relief section often as it contains all you need to reduce your pain and change your life for the better.

In the three sections below we show you how to:
1. Reduce your pain,
2. Control your pain,
3. Stay as positive as possible.

Reduce your pain

> Relaxation
Deep relaxation is a wonderful method for reducing your pain. When you relax deeply, your body is flooded with your own powerful pain relieving chemicals, including endorphins. Go to our Shop for relaxation CDs, downloads and books.

> Breathing
Find out how to use your breath for pain relief. This is a good starting point, and can be used anywhere, anytime for pain and stress relief and for a peaceful night’s sleep.

> Visualisation
This enjoyable and powerful technique helps to reduce your pain. We have CDs to guide you in our Shop.

> Meditation and Mindfulness
Find out how to approach your pain with a compassionate attitude and find inner calm and peace of mind – and pain relief.

> Sleep
Pain and worry can disturb your sleep. We show you how to get a good night’s sleep every night.

Control your pain

> Pacing for pain control
Do you overdo things and then be unable to do anything much for the next few days? Learn some pacing techniques so you stay in control, not the pain.

> Flare-up Plan
Set-backs or ‘flare-ups’ happen to all of us from time to time. Find out what to do to get your pain back under control and keep it there.

> Exercise
Keep as fit as you can:  Move and use your body in whatever ways you can. Moving helps to increases your overall strength, mobility and flexibility and, best of all, reduces pain.

Stay positive

> Positive thinking
What you think instantly affects your body and how you feel.  Find out how to lift your spirits and reduce your pain.

> Emotions
It’s only natural that you sometimes feel anger, fear and resentment. Learn how to express those feelings in a constructive and helpful way.

> Stress
Being in pain is stressful. Ongoing niggling stress causes increased muscle tension and saps your energy, which increases pain levels. We show you how to keep stress under control to give you more pain relief.

> Affirmations
The use of affirmations, or positive instructions to yourself, is one of the most powerful things you can do to help yourself. Affirmations work and are another useful tool for your pain relief ‘tool kit’.

New here?

All of the methods suggested on this website can be used alongside conventional medicine. These pain relief techniques will enhance the effect of any treatment you may be having.

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