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There are thousands of products aimed at people with pain, illness or disability, many of them very helpful. However, it is only too easy to overspend in a search for pain relief. Before you buy, ask if there is a money-back guarantee if a product doesn’t work for you.

These products or companies are not especially recommended by PainSupport, which has no connection whatsoever with any of the companies, products or services mentioned apart from the books, CDs and Downloads by PainSupport’s founder, Jan Sadler. Please use your own judgement and discretion when considering purchasing any of the products or services.

Computer/Chairs/Workstation Aids
Essential Oils
Hot/Cold Therapy
Help Around the House
Herbal Remedies
Hobbies, Crafts, Outside Interests
Pain Relief Devices for use at Home
Skin Care
CDs, Downloads, Books, Audio Books and DVDs

Computer/Chairs/Workstation Aids

Ergonomics RSI and Pain Advice on avoiding pain from technology.
The Keyboard Company Many different keyboards and accessories,

Essential Oils

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Shirley Price Aromatherapy

Hot/Cold Therapy

Heat therapy helps tight, aching muscles to relax, thus improving  circulation and giving pain relief. Cold therapy  helps to relieve pain by reducing inflammation and numbing the area. It is best to find out by trial and error which you prefer and which is best for your type of pain. Be aware that where there is inflammation, heat can sometimes aggravate the pain. Some people prefer a mixture of both heat and cold as follows: 3-5 minutes with heat and then 3-5 minutes with cold, then alternate with heat and cold for 15-20 minutes. You can follow this system three or four times a day. Never put icepacks or heat packs directly on your skin. Always wrap in a tea towel.

There is a wide choice of products, from reusable gel packs and wheat packs to special  one-use only packs and wraps. You can buy the products from chemists or on-line.

Headache Relief  Relieve tension headaches with 4Head Stress and Tension Relief Stick which contains menthol to soothe pain away. Widely available from chemists and pharmacies.

Hot and Cold Packs

Migra-Cap (UK) Ltd
If you have migraines you might find the Migra-Cap helpful. Widely available from chemists and pharmacies.

Help Around the House

Putnams for pillows, beds, lumbar rolls, wedge cushions, etc., etc. Tel: 01752 340340

Stairlift Reviews has helpful advice on stairlifts, including information on grants that are available for home adaptations.
Find local council grant information:

Also take a look at

Nordic Care Services has been supplying assisted living products to care homes, professional carers and the public for over a decade. They offer a wide range of products designed to make tasks easier around the home, as well as medical and mobility aids.

The Back Shop Absolutely everything from beds to hot packs and lumbar rolls.

Reading stands and lighting, including reading stands that can be used if you are lying down – they will even support a laptop,

Hearing and Mobility for those who need a ‘helping hand’ – from hearing aids to wheelchairs to icepacks, posture cushions to easy-to-hold cutlery,

For bad backs, try Dr Scholl’s Pain Relief Inserts from your local chemist. They are said to cradle your feet so protecting your back from stress.

Welcome Mobility Welcome Mobility features a vast range of mobility and living aids,

Opera Care, a care equipment provider. Care beds, pressure care mattresses and cushions, patient hoists and slings.

Comfort Pillow  Pillow-Pleasure Maternity Support U-shaped pillow to take the pressure off joints and tender points – excellent for arm, back and leg problems too,

Herbal Remedies

Find herbs at Baldwins, London. An excellent selection, quick, reliable service.

Potters Herbal Medicines

Hobbies, Crafts, Outside Interests

Adventure in the Arts. Open College of the Arts is affiliated to the Open University, so some of the courses count towards a degree. Many courses, mostly by ‘distance learning’ by mail, just for pleasure or for   study, ranging from creative writing to drawing and painting, music to photography, sculpture to garden and interior design. Ideal if you are restricted in your walking/travelling/sitting abilities. Further details from:


Hydrotherapy Spas


If you find walking difficult when you are out visiting places you could try a lightweight mobility scooter which you can take with you in the car. Mobility Scooters Plus offers a range of lightweight scooters from a number of brands including Pride, Drive, Sterling and Electric Mobility. The transportable scooters are all very light and ideal for taking in and out of the car. Available worldwide with free standard delivery,

Mobility Smart A national mobility goods retailer:

Quest 88 provide mobility aids and cycling equipment for people with disabilities.

Pain Relief Devices For Use At Home

Please check before you buy any of these pain relief devices that your money will be refunded after a trial period if the equipment does not help you.

Body Clock Health Care. Ring Body Clock Health Care on 0208 532 9595 for mail order details.

TENs Machines from Natures Gate.


Comfortable shoes from these sites:

Skin Care

Greenpeople, informative site on organic skincare.


Holland & Barrett Products in Holland & Barrett shops and by mail order vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements.

NaturesBest Excellent range of supplements, vitamins, minerals and herbs.

CDs, Downloads, Books, Audiobooks and DVDs

Jan Sadler, founder of painSupport, has produced numerous excellent and well recommended books, audiotapes, CDs and downloads for self-help pain relief, full details in our Shop.

Relaxation Music from New World Music,

Audio Books If you find it difficult to hold or easily read a book, Listening Books may be your answer. This charity provides a postal audio book library service available.  Listening Books, 12 Lant Street, London SE1 1QH. Tel: 020 7407 9417

Meditation CDs The Breathworks Project offers mindfulness-based pain management courses and CDs.

Free Meditation Download Linda Hall shows you how to use meditation skills as everyday life tools to help you think positively, feel better and look after your health. Her voice has a musicality that is naturally soothing and easy on the ear.

NB. All prices correct at time of writing.

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