Pain Clinics and Pain Management Programmes

pain management and pain clinics


Find out the difference…

We are often asked what is the difference between Pain Clinics and Pain Management Programmes, here are some answers…



Pain Clinics

Pain Clinics offer a wide range of treatments including medication, nerve blocks, manipulation, exercise and access to Pain Management Programmes (PMPs) to teach you self-help skills to control and relieve your pain.

If you are interested in being referred to a Pain Clinic, talk to your doctor or consultant and ask what kinds of treatment you are likely to be offered at the Pain Clinic. Remember, it’s your choice and your body. You don’t have to accept anything anyone suggests to you without finding out everything about it first of all. Discuss what the treatment will involve and what the likely benefits will be. Also whether there are any risks or side effects involved.

Pain Management Programmes

On a Pain Management Programme (PMP) you will learnĀ  how to control your pain yourself. You will learn about pacing your activities, correct breathing, relaxation, positive thinking skills, exercise and many of the other skills that can be found on the PainSupport website on the Pain Relief pages.

To find a local Pain Management Programme, you could telephone the hospitals in your area and enquire whether or not they run a PMP. Then you could ask your pain doctor or consultant if you could be referred on to a Pain Management Course as well as, or instead of, a Pain Clinic.

Expert Patient Programmes

You can also join a local Expert Patient Programme group without referral from your doctor.

There is also an excellent online Expert Patient Course that you can do from home.

ArthritisCare also run local self-management courses.

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