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    miss k

    Thanks Lee and Helen. yes nerve pain has calmed down i took a break from some social ,
    media and reduced the amount of typing and txt messaging i do on my phone! I do feel pain has hugely improved , my arm has and shoulder . Thanks for all your info both.

    And hope you Helen have managed to find some coping strategies to improve sleep
    too. I am aiming to limit social media and phone use one hour before bed.

    Best wishes to You lee and Helen and thanks for your reply

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    miss k

    yes I was diagnosed with Anxiety then had PTSD symptoms and because I have lower back pain. I kind of thought it was all mental health. Had Anxiety since my teens
    But with some life changing events. I noticed pain was more consistent, and then found myself going back and forth to Gp and being , referred to mental health teams. That
    lasted couple years with no help. yes you quite right about the depression , that has been the hardest part as I know deep down . I am an optimistic person. Its good
    to sort of realise, that depression has a lot in contributing to my pain levels, and my fluctuating moods can vary so widely.

    After repeated visits to mental health services, to be told its Anxiety thats all get on with it go back to work. Was disheartening, to put it midly!!
    Think that part has been more traumatising than the constant pain as took alot for me
    even to accept that i needed help, which was never forth coming with the medical and health professions i came across.

    Anyway its been a couple of years of consistent
    chronic pains. But have lesser symptoms for a longer time, namely the insomnia and muscle aches and bruxism i put down to not sleeping well, and really didnt seek
    help at that point.

    I was able to work full time, and do little else. After 2 years being referred to different health units on and off for 5 plus years.
    I decided it was time to have the diagnostic op, which i did and had other treatments . That
    didnt work. so the mosts help i have got to date is a referral to pain clinic 6 month programme. Where i will be seen by pyscologist etc. I am embracing myself for that
    when the NHS opens back up for other face to face and group appointments. Feel free to share your experiences, with the services you have acessed . I have been out of
    work since 2016 and, only in last few months was doing agency work one to two days per week.

    very good point about really being able to take things in with going slow.I really need to put that more in to practice. I have done a lot of meditation through out the whole process. i have been on a faith
    journey for the past 8 years and found that has been the driving force behind me not completeley giving up tbh. as well as listen to
    motivational talks, people who have overcome adversity. And having a person who i idolise whohas overcome much suffering . Thats helped alot as well as speaking to
    like minded people like yourself.

    I have found it very painful the lack of understanding and have lost friends, due to this chronic pain. i am quite guarded in opening up to people who dont
    know what its like, as sadly i have seen in the past people get to a point where they want you ”to get over it”.

    I have had lots of counselling over year found EDMR quite helpful as well as ACE , not too keen on CBT i find it hugely triggering

    Best wishes

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    miss k

    Thanks Lee will take on board, what you have said 23 years wow.Thanks again for taking time out to reply, feel much better knowing theres people who understand on here.And that has helped me , Simply rest & not be hard on myself .Have a great day. Doing better today so its definately a case of taking things slowly.I try to remind myself of the story of the turroise and the hair and the turtoise won lol.

    Best wishes

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    miss k

    Thanks lee. For your reply
    I am pretty much active with arts & craft sewing etc.I tend to overdo things could just be a personality trait.Did some stretching yesterday for 40 mins which i really enjoyed & thought was gentle , but today ferls like i have been run over by a bus 😒.

    I think i will defo start with having short break & more rests in between too.Will check out the links on here too And re read what you have said .

    Take care

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