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    Hi Lee , Your last post has helped me to see things in a different
    way. I have had nerve pain for many years too and I am realising
    nothing really helps it . I’ve read of lots of people that have been made worse with some treatments for it .
    I’m not looking for a cure , but it would be wonderful. I’m happy
    with lowering the pain to a more manageable level.
    I don’t like my adult children knowing how bad I really am , silly
    isn’t it ! I dread it when they visit as I don’t want them to see
    me at my worst , makes me feel useless . I can’t keep up the pretence
    any longer and must let them see what a wreck I really am !

    I have hobbies I enjoy which are good distractions , I make greeting
    cards which I really enjoy and also I do glitter art which is lovely
    when finished. Here’s hoping we all find some relief from our pains.


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    Hi Rose I would like to try Lyrica but one of the side
    effects is tiredness and being on the medications I’m already on
    I kèep falling asleep so the last thing I want is more tiredness,
    so really scared to try it as I’d never be awake!

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    Hi Everyone Thanks for all your replies, it does help to know
    That I’m not alone with this terrible pain. I have tried amitriptyline
    but the side effects were dreadful.

    Hoping we all find something to help ease our awful pain , it’s so
    hard to live with every day. When it’s really bad I do have panic
    attacks thinking it will never ease .


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    Hi Paul
    I have a disc in my lower back pressing
    On a nerve , the pain is constant . The pain also travels
    round to my lower stomach and it has gotten so bad in the past
    That I have been hospitalised numerous times .
    It feels like inflammation,a burning type pain , like nerve pain
    I guess.

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    Hi Laura The only possibility for me is self catering
    as I have food issues . I am looking at a lovely log cabin
    with views over a beautiful lake . This way I needn’t go out
    but it’s so relaxing watching the boats go by and seeing the men
    fishing . I love the ducks !! Ha ha .
    Maybe a solution for you if you could find a nice view ?

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    I feel exactly the same. It’s my 40th wedding anniversary this year
    and hubby would like to go away just for 3 nights but I’m dreading it!
    The amount of medications I have to take with me is ridiculous.
    I keep saying I can’t find anywhere I’d like to go!!
    It’s silly but sad because I have terrible back pain sleeping in
    Any other bed which makes me grumpy for the rest of the day .

    I can’t sit long in the car so restricted there . .
    Sorry you have the same problem, it’s very depressing.

    Could I just say please do your research before trying other pain meds
    from the chemist . I looked at the pain patches but they would have
    clashed with my pain meds from the doctors .

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    Hi Paul
    I have tried many meds in the past including Lyrica , Gabapentin
    Tramadol and amitriptyline. All of them gave me terrible side effects.

    I have constant burning pain in my lower back and also have a bladder condition which causes terrible burning pain in my bladder and also
    in my bowel. When all 3 kick of together it’s excruciating and it’s
    put me in hospital many times . I have a lot of trouble finding medications that help the pain and what I can tolerate. Even 10ml
    of oramorph doesn’t take the pain away , it only eases it a bit .

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    Hi Lee, Thanks for the info. I have rang the hospital consultants
    Secretary and left a message asking her to ring me back.
    I’m hoping she will verify that I was taking oramorph at the higher
    dose while inpatient 3 weeks ago !

    Dr has given me enough oramorph to last 4 weeks at 5ml x 4 times daily .
    5ml doesn’t touch the pain , I can’t win because if I take 10ml
    I’m going to run out and I will have to go back into hospital again!

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    Hi Paul , We are not allowed to self medicate in my hospital.
    You can take your own meds in with you but they are locked away
    In your bedside cabinet.

    Hope you get home soon .

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    Hi Paul , Yes I was asked my name and date of birth
    before any of my medications . Every time I asked a nurse if
    I Could have some pain relief they went and got permission
    unless it was the drug round then I was just given it if it was the
    right time between doses.

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    Just thought, I don’t think there would be any record as
    on the ward they use the same bottle for everyone and just use
    syringes to pull everyones dose out .

    I’ve got enough on my plate without the worry of this .
    I feel so angry ,, they are forever throwing drugs at me that I
    can’t take and now I’ve found something that helps a bit they want
    to take it off me . I could cry !

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    Hi Rose, I never have to sign for it .The consultant has
    to prescribe it along with the dose .
    I don’t know why consultant would deny giving it too me when
    I’m given it every time I’m admitted! I know all the consultants
    on that ward ! I feel upset that my doctor doesn’t believe me,
    as in all the years I’ve been at this surgery I’ve never once
    taken one dose over what I’m allowed with any drug .

    The pharmacist did come to see me while I was in hospital.
    Would they still have my records ?

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    Hi Annie For some reason they aren’t telling the truth.
    I’ve been in hospital many times and always been given oramorph.
    I’ve never had any problems before, I take it on GP prescription
    anyway , it’s just this time hospital had to give me larger doses
    as original doses weren’t touching the pain . Trouble is hospital
    didn’t put it on my discharge letter . All my meds were written on my
    chart . The hospital doesn’t keep these records once your discharged
    so there isn’t anything to prove it .

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    Pressed wrong button . Dr won’t give me anymore for another 3 weeks
    and I’m going to run out on Friday.
    My doctor has spoken to the consultions secretary and they say
    I never had it let alone they had to up the dose before my pain
    eased 3 days later !
    Every time it was given to me the nurse said “your not allergic
    to oramorph are you ” and I always asked what dose it was .

    NHS = No Hope Service !!

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    Hi Annie
    The hospital consultant is denying it was given to me .

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