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    Thanks for your replies and sorry if you suffer this too, it’s awful!

    Jan, I always get a flare up of pain “after”
    a bowel movement, it’s like it irritates my insides, my lower back and lower stomach are agony at these times. Iv’e told my GP but it just keeps being put down to nerve pain.

    Di, Sorry you too have this, yes I do mean the bone at waist level, plus at times the pain goes all down my leg and into my foot, it feels like I’m on fire ! My bladder area feels like it’s got broken glass inside. Do you get pain in your bladder area ?

    I can’t get any answers from the doctors or the pain clinic which as now discharged me , so I’m left with just my GP who though good doesn’t really know why I have this awful pain.

Viewing 181 post (of 181 total)