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    I have osteoarthritis in my spine and many joints – I’m waiting for my second trapeziectomy – bursitis in both hips and fibromyalgia. I’m managing (just) with codeine and paracetamol as I would prefer not to go down the opioid drug route. A rheumatologist I saw a few years ago suggested it might be a good idea to get my GP to refer me to a pain management clinic.

    Does anyone have recent experience of these and could tell me what happened, please? As I said, I definitely don’t want to be drugged up so wondered what other options pain management clinics could offer.

    Thanks in advance.



    I pain clinic is a specialised center that has a much broader experience of pain management than just a regular GP.
    They can offer specialist treatments, such as Lidocane infusions, Patches, And medications that typically a GP cannot prescribe.

    They will also have access to support groups for things like Mindfulness which can help in some situations.
    Some large pain clinics can also offer SCS ( Spinal cord stimulation ).

    Also dont totally dismiss Opiod type drugs. The newest one which came out in 2012 is “Tapentadol”, and is really effective and does not have the side effects of Morphine, or Tramadol.

    If you are suffering, and the GP is not helping then its definitely worth asking to refer to your local Pain Management center.

    Keep us up to date with your progress, as talking to others in the same situation also really helps !. You are not alone…



    Thank you very much Paul for your helpful response. I didn’t realise that pain clinics would offer such a wide range of treatments and, from what you’ve said, it certainly seems as though it would be worthwhile. I’ll be discussing it with my GP.



    Hi Genevieve

    A lot of us have been through a pain management clinic – and they also do do courses – so you might find this old link on here helpful, basically it covers a lot of information on the pain relief section on this site –

    Pain management programme

    I must admit my clinic offered opiods, and I did have injections one time but they were short lived, and I just manage it now with mental strength, as the meds gave me bile reflux.

    take care & best wishes AnnieD



    I have had numerous radio frequency denerveation treatments for my back and neck also nerve route blocks for sciatica
    They have all helped some not as much as I would have liked but still better. The only thing is the nerves grow back and the treatments need repeating but it can be 18 months of less pain so still worth it. I know it doesn’t work for everyone and they have said at some point it may stop working for me but I’ll take what I can



    Hi Lorna,

    I too have had RF treatments and i have to say they are the most unpleasant thing that has ever happened to my body in my life. I literally did Scream the place down.
    Given i already have Nerve Damage, the RF process seemed to amplify the pain. My god it was horrific.

    Now im flying the flag for SCS. Its a game changer !.
    8 to 9/10 pain, down to just 1 to 2/10. And no meds.

    Nevro HF10.

    If you use instagram, just search HF10. So many people all over the world having it done now and changing their lives for the better.



    Having more RF end of this month 2 appointments they are using sedation they have never done that before but may be easier
    Paul are you in the UK my pain management clinic have never mentioned scs



    Hi Lorna,

    Yes im in the UK, down south in Berkshire.
    SCS is only done at a few specialist pain clinics. St. Thomas being the main and pioneers of this tech in the UK.
    I think Leeds and Southampton also do it.

    You would need to be referred to the like of St. Thomas and then go through their procedure in readiness for SCS. Which takes about 9 months from start to finish.
    Its hugely expensive and thus is an absolute last resort. But i really pushed for it.
    After 17yrs at level 8 to 9 pain, i was about to end it. No point carrying on. I think that was a wake up call for them that i really needed help.
    Now its done and absolutely amazing !.
    Just had dinner and “Charged myself”, which took 20mins. And now im good for another days total pain relief. 🙂

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