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    I want to urge everyone to get their Vitamin D levels checked.
    I knew mine were low several years ago but never continued with supplements because they upset my stomach.
    3 weeks ago I was forced to see my GP after developing severe pain in the back of my ribs. Also I had gradually been getting worse; breathless, absolutely utterly exhausted, losing weight, no energy or interest. I felt as if I had a bad bout of flu without the flu if you get me. I did have some sounds in my lung that the GP didn’t like so he sent me for an immediate x ray and did every blood test under the sun.
    I got the results yesterday. I do have degeneration in my lungs; probably COPD which is to be expected as I’ve smoked since I was 21. However that didn’t account for my lack of appetite, exhaustion, lack of interest in anything and aching all over. I’m lucky to have a GP who doesn’t just put everything down to chronic pain. All the blood tests were clear ( he even tested for blood cancers and ovarian cancer) except one. My Vitamin D wasn’t just low- it was non existent. They couldn’t even measure it. He is almost certain this is the reason I’ve been feeling so washed out and getting worse. It’s so low that even Mediterranean sun wouldn’t help. I am now on ultra strong supplements. Even if you are not as bad as me, no one in this country has enough Vit D and can’t get enough from the sun so get yourselves some supplements from the chemist or if you do feel constantly washed out, have your doctor check your levels.



    Hi Di,

    There’s been quite a lot of advice about taking vitamin D. It’s been mentioned on the radio. It should be taken every day if you are elderly or don’t get out into the sunshine enough.

    I now take it daily and I’ve found the cheapest place to buy the superstregnth tablets is from Healthspan on line.

    Hope you get all your problems sorted out.

    Annie x



    Well, I have to take the super strength from my GP but he did say the best one to get in his opinion was Fultium vit D because it digests better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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