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    Have had back problems for 10 years. L5/SI joint area.tried joint injections and radio frequency ablation.nothing lasted more than 5days.
    Have pregabalin 3 times daily and diazepam when pain is really bad. cannot tolerate any other meds.
    My main problem is sitting.
    can only last 10 mins before back/buttocks give me immediate pain,as a result unable to travel,meet friends for coffee etc.which gets me down.
    Anyone suffer the same problem?
    Anyone any “cures” !!

    Helen H

    Hi Tigger
    I do sympathise, I am in the same boat, so I get the difficulties. In my case I have other illnesses, so don’t get out much anyway, but I have a recliner/riser so that I sit on my sitting bones as little as possible, and I lie down (a lot!) I also use heat a lot ( heat pads, hot water bottles etc).

    Have you seen an occupational therapist? They can lend a variety of cushions for you to try. For my mobility scooter I have a piece of thick gel ( that looks like large bubble wrap), and it does take the edge off some of the pain.
    Other than that, I work on my mental health, with meditation and creative projects.

    No ‘cures’ I am afraid but I do understand the limitations.

    Take care

    david mt

    A family member suffers with exactly the same symptoms but in their case it’s been caused due to a big weight gain which has caused their spine to start crumbling & there is no cure now really, although losing the weight may help it’s not going to put their back right again, I don’t know if your problems are weight related but that’s the most common cause of such back problems, no pain killers are going to cure the problem, maybe you could consider marijuana therapy, smoked or edibles seem to be the only thing to take the edge off the pain, best of luck.


    Hi Tigger, I have exactly the same problem, after fusion and si problem, I have never been able to sit on normal chairs, sofas ect for years and even standing still for to long have the same problem as sitting, I had a chair made, years ago with a coccyx bit cut out which helped but over the years seem that I can only sit in that for about an hour before i have to move,all other chairs its about 5 mins max before pain rises, the most comfortable thing I have found is my wheelchair seat which is a 4″ pressure cushion from wheelchair services which I got with my wheelchair, and take that every where I go, if not in my chair, other than that, I lay down this is where I am most comfortable. sorry there is no quick fix just trying and testing different seat cushions to find what seating is most comfortable for you, a good place to start and maybe try something , I think is physio services or wheelchair services, they can help direct you to where you might be able to try and get something to help you, let us know how you get on , Take care and best wishes, Lee


    Hi, Forgot to mention that I also use a kneeling stool which helps when im doing my art or at computer it takes the pressure off my back a bit and with that added a 4″ sponge sit, I made it years ago as they are expensive to buy, Take care and best wishes, Lee

    Jan Sadler

    Sitting pain is a big invisible issue for many of us. People just don’t understand how it can be painful to sit.

    I split my days into small blocks of different activities, eg, a little lying down, a little sitting, standing, walking, exerecises. Repeat! Again and again throughout the day, doing what I can. This is called Pacing, there’s a whole section on it under Pain Relief in the menu. Do read it!

    I am obliged to point out that marijuana/cannabis is still illegal in this country. Products containing CBD (Cannabidiol) are generally available. CBD doesn’t contain the illegal part of the cannabis plant that gives you a high. However, I and others on here have tried a CBD tincture without any success.

    Jan at PainSupport


    Hi all Just to add to Jans message about CBD oil for those that don’t know . the strongest you can get in the UK is a 30ml bottle at 5ooomg with a pricey tag of £200 a bottle. I think most wouldn’t bother with that small amount and price. but do know someone that does use it and it seems to work for them, but like all things for some it works and others it don’t, take care and best wishes Lee


    I have the same problem tigger, and have had several operations. Jan’s method of dealing with the pain mirrors mine. Social life has taken a huge hit.

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