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    Hi all,

    So my fusion has been declared failed.

    I have just spent two months in hospital after I lost all sensation in both feet and my bowel and bladder .

    I was eventually seen by the chief spinal surgeon at the royal national orthopaedic hospital and told I am a perfect case for a spinal cord stimulator.

    I am to be assessed in July.

    What is a spinal cord stimulator and how does it work?




    Hi Steve,

    Sorry your fusion failed.

    A Spinal Cord Stimulator is a bit (and only a bit!) like an internal Tens machine.

    If you key the words Spinal Cord Stimulator in the search box, there are plenty of posts on the subject.

    Also there’s an SCS group on Facebook.

    Do hope it works for you.

    Annie x



    OH that’s not good. Have you got feeling back now? A SCS is an implant that is set to target certain nerve areas to relieve pain. They do a trial first before an implant to make sure it does work. As Anniekat said, just use the search box; there are lots of posts about it.



    Hi Steve

    So sorry to hear your fusion hasn’t worked out, and I really feel for you…. I’ve got bowel/bladder problems too due nerve damage, and have been advised the rate I’m heading is for sacral nerve stimulation, although I’m not sure if this is the same as spinal cord stimulator. I’m trying to find out if there’s anything I can do to get the feeling back naturally – although really struggling to find anything. So I’ll be interested to hear how you get on…. take care you – best wishes AnnieD



    Hi all,

    I now have control of bladder and bowels back and the feeling in my right foot has returned.

    The feeling in my left foot is still gone but I had a badly infected nail bed which was only noticed when it started hurting like hell. Doc said that, although the normal sensations were still not there, the fact that it eventually hurt like hell means that the nerves aren’t dead and are starting to wake up.

    Pain in my back / pelvis / hips / legs is still there, but it’s being managed with oxycodone.

    The oxycodone was a problem because it was only lasting 10 hours instead of 12 and I ended up in agony and withdrawal for two hours twice a day. Two days ago, I divided my daily dose into three and took it every 8 hours. OMG what a difference! The pain does still oscillate but it doesn’t get high enough that I can’t cope.

    I’m now waiting for the oxycodone tiredness to abate so I can get back to some normality and I’m still waiting for my referral to RNOH for SCS assessment. But, I’m going in the right direction.

    Oh, and because I’ve been diagnosed with arachnoiditis, I’m getting a spider tattoo done on my lumbar scars.

    Feeling better.




    Sorry to hear you are joining the failed back surgery syndrome club, it’s one club you never wanted to join of course!

    As you have discovered the trauma of the operation etc. takes a long time to heal, some people say it can be up to two years. I too had loss of sensation in my foot but luckily it came back after 6 months. The nerve damage in my legs started about a year after my final back operation, so it’s a bit of a lucky dip.

    I tried the SCS but hated it. I had the type that gives you a tingling sensation every time you move but had it have it on a high setting to overcome the pain. BUT I was glad of the opportunity to try it out, it works for lots of people so hope you get really lucky with it.
    Take care.

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