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    Hi Kitty, I know how you feel sometimes,I fractured/dislocated pelvis and 2 lots of spinal surgery lower lumber to pelvis.with nerve pain/ damage. In constant pain 24/7 just varying levels.No more they can do for me just more surgery to help with pain. I draw ,paint do leather work and wood carve. I sort of use it all as a meditation to take my mind away from it all, as best i can. like me hate daytime tv it never goes on. glad to hear your doing something crafty. people who say they cannot draw usually got demoralised at school by the art teacher being told this was wrong ect. i remember my old art teacher running me down. just think he was jealous because i could draw better than him. LOL. Art is an individual thing and there is no wrong or right about it. It’s just what other people think, good or bad.but as long as your happy doing it then carry on. it’s just others opinions of it. I think any body can draw what gets a picture to come alive is the shading learn to shade from light to dark and reverse same with paint whatever the colour just mixing to make it lighter or darker. or try drawing your own mandalas then colouring them.I to have a long history coming up 25 years in pain. anyway have a go and hope you get enjoyment from it. it certainly keeps me from going mad LOL. Hope it takes your mind away from pain even if its just a little while. Take Care and Best Wishes. Lee



    In a similar vein to the colouring, there was a free dot-to-dot book (for grownups!) in the paper the other day. I’ve been surprised at how much I enjoyed doing them.

    I may even purchase some 🙂

    (You do need good eyes/glasses, though)



    If you really want to learn to draw, try this. Find a simple picture in a book. Turn the book upside down and draw the shapes that you see. Don’t try to draw a picture or a recognisable object- just draw shapes. Then turn your paper round. The biggest mistake people make is in trying t o draw what they think they see ie a chair must have 4 legs a seat and a back. What they shoudl be drawing is the shapes in between those legs and the back. By turning the picture upside down you can forget what the object is and just concentrate on the shapes.
    However, it simply doesn’t matter what your drawings look like. All that matters is that you’ve done them.




Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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