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    I had a trapeziumectomy 8 weeks ago and feel the information given to me prior to surgery was totally inadequate. I still have minimal use of the joint, intense sensitivity in the scar, and am taking as many painkillers now as I did shortly after the surgery. I do all the exercises diligently, but can see little improvement. The advice leaflet is contradictory to subsequent information given and gives minimal information about pain, swelling, potential problems and issues. Much more accurate, realistic and detailed advice should be given out, but I am having difficulty finding any information. I would seriously have thought twice about having the surgery in the first place if I had known what I was letting myself in for. Does anyone have any links to information or advice?


    So sorry to hear that you have had problems with your trapeziectomy. Are you still under your surgeon’s care? You haven’t been discharged? I think I would give my surgeon’s secretary a ring and explain the situation. Hopefully, they will then get you an appointment at your surgeon’s clinic and you can get your hand seen to. If you have been discharged, see your GP and get an urgent referral back to your surgeon. Maybe your GP could phone him/her.

    I’ve had two trapeziectomies and both have healed well, – at eight weeks I hardly had any pain at all – so you really need to have your hand examined at the hospital if you are still in so much pain. Well done for continuing with the exercises, it can’t be easy if it’s still so painful.

    I hope that things improve for you quickly. Do let us know how you get on.


    Hi Kathryn,
    personally i have not had this done, but have had 5 finger surgeries on both hands for trigger finger Every body heals at different rates, yours maybe taken a bit longer than usual. but as Genevieve says give your surgeon’s secretary a ring and get another appt. with him/her just to be on the air of caution. it can take 3 months or more before fully healed. when surgeons give you times of healing it is just an average time. I would still carry on exercising the thumb and give surgeon a ring to make sure there are no complications. let us know how you get on after this.
    take care and best wishes,Lee

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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