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    Hi, everyone,

    I am attending a new NHS Trust for kidney problems but when I mentioned my spine and leg pain the doctor wouldn’t take that into account as he had no knowledge of it. It seems he can’t get the info from another trust … is this right?

    Trouble is the severity of the kidney pain is huge and on top of my normal pain I find it very hard to cope with. The kidney pain normally comes on early evening and I don’t go to bed that night and it lasts all the next day too. I’ve had it twice within a week recently. I had an op in 2014 but it hasn’t worked and am getting a 2nd opinion in June, a long time to wait in severe pain.

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    Hi Laura,

    It sounds as if you’re having a tough time at the moment.

    Can you get in touch with the original NHS trust and see if it’s true – that they won’t release your details? I’m sure it would help your present trust with your treatment.

    I do hope things improve for you.

    Annie x



    Hi Laura,

    Isn’t that crazy! Like you left a part of your body in another ‘Trust’ and so it doesn’t count! Don’t we live in a crazy world, where specialists are only able to consider us in body part, not a some of the parts as whole people.
    It may be that your original trust needs your permission to release your notes, but I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t release them. In Ireland, although you can get a copy of your notes the Freedom of Information – usually a Consultant / Team will write a letter explaining their treatment so far. Perhaps if you contact your spinal team, they would do that for you. Especially if you are to have surgery soon.
    Take Care, T



    Hi Laura, I remember some time ago now about a form coming through which you had to tick and post back to gp surgery about wether you wanted others in the nhs who deal with you to see your medical records no matter where or which hospital. if you did have this you probably ticked the restricted info. part. like I had problems a few years ago whilst on holiday in wales. ended up in hospital and they had no problem getting info about me. they had the whole lot, because i ticked the no restriction on any body in medical profession obtaining medical details only when i gave them permission to. as i remember them asking. can you remember anything like this? I remember it covering england, scotland, and wales. If not like Annikat and Navchic say go back to original nhs trust and ask if they can release your medical records to the other trust. I hope your pain is manageable and your coping at moment. Take Care and Best Wishes. Lee



    Thanks for your thoughts,

    …. Navchic, you’re right, crazy world and only getting crazier! Lee, I remember those forms, I would have signed to give my permission for any medical staff to look at my notes, don’t recall if that ever came to anything across the country though. Annie, thanks for your kind thoughts, I’ve been through the mill a bit lately, am having a kidney pain-free day today so making the most of it!

    I have asked one of the trusts to pass on my stuff but they don’t do it as I’m no longer an active patient there, trouble is I’m under about 3 different trusts and none of them connect up about me, the patient, being one person with different medical issues!

    I did find out a couple of years ago that you can request to be a ‘priority patient’ which enabled me to be seen first for my op rather than waiting on a hard chair all day, will have to remember that for the next op!

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