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    Helen H

    Hi folks
    I just wanted to open the discussion on this as I feel fairly conflicted about it ( this is not to set a thread for any political thoughts just to be clear!)

    As many medications come from Europe, I initially felt it would be sensible to try to have even a small margin of overlap in my ordering of my prescription medications. I do however feel that stockpiling could cause more problems for everyone…. Now I am panicking a bit.

    My medications fall into three categories: those I need to function( asthma medications for example), those that would cause me a serious reaction if stopped suddenly ( anti- depressants for example), and those, which would seriously compromise my quality of life ( eg all pain medication).

    Looking at this list I really don’t relish being without any of these…

    It would be interesting to get your perspectives.

    Thanks Helen


    Hi Helen,

    Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t stockpile my medication because my GP surgery keeps a very strict control on the amount of drugs I can order.

    Like you, I wouldn’t be able to cope without my pain medication. Maybe I could manage without some CFS drugs.

    We’ll all just have to hope that the flow of drugs from Europe isn’t affected if and when Brexit is finally sorted out!

    Annie x


    Hi Helen, I am in the same as you my, drugs fall into 3 categories, but as Annie says my drs surgery, on the ones that keep me alive and cause me serious reaction if I stopped are restricted to 1 month supply at a time, the rest I get 3 months at a time. my pain killers are restricted to so many boxes of a hundred in a year and if i run out and need more than what they have prescribed in a year then its a case of a visit to my surgery to see a Dr then my case has a review of pain medication. but my DR knows I’m only on the minimum anyway so when I do struggle for a few months ,all i have to do is ring them and usually have no problem in getting something stronger until i go back to my normal.
    As Annie says I just hope they do not restrict flow of drugs from Europe when Brexit is sorted out, as I think there would be some serious consequences if there was.
    Hope you doing Ok with your course and had a good break, take care and best wishes. Lee

    Helen H

    Hi Anniekat and Lee

    Yes, I’m in the same boat as my surgery only prescribes a months at a time. I suppose I was just wondering if I am the only person thinking about this.

    I guess we all need to hope for the best.

    Lee the course is going well. I had a bad pain week last week hence no blog, but I am continuing on and will hopefully blog again this week.

    Take care

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