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    I have just joined this forum as I’m suddenly in such terrible pain in both thighs and cannot walk. This pain level has risen so quickly and my GP thinks it could well be spinal stenosis. I know a lot of you on here aren’t medically trained but I’m needinfg advice please as my GP initially thought my ONE groin pain was due to osteoarthritis in my hip (Xray showed one side with much less joint space than the other). But suddenly my groin pain went to BOTH groins and all down the front of my thighs. Even both knees. This was so sudden. I’ve had terrible lower back pain for the last 15 years but it’s never been 24/7. In 2008 I had really awful pains in one leg and had to use my other leg to get on a bus. Four months ago I had such pain in my right groin and thigh I had to use my other leg to be able to walk. I went everywhere limping badly. I refused to give in to the pain.

    Now I’m having to use a mobility scooter. :'( I cant even walk across the room without acute front of thighs pain. But when I sit down the pain goes…..The MRI attached is 18 months old but my GP looked at this the other day and told me she feels the problem is not from my hip but from my spine due to stenosis. I now have to have another MRI but does anyone know why my doctor would say this as there’s no mention of this on this old one.

    Thank you if anyone can offer advice as I’m not the type to give in but the acceleration and level of both thighs pain is scaring me. PS: SORRY i’M UNABLE TO ADD THE MRI IMAGE ON THIS SITE.


    Jan Sadler

    Hi Sarah,
    I have spinal stenosis too. The area of pain depends on which level of your spine is involved. During a pain ‘flare up’ I get pain from the stenosis in both groins and inner thighs, not front of thigh like you.

    If the MRI proves you do have stenosis there are lots of treatments that can be tried to relieve the pain, from simple things like hot and cold packs applied to your lower back up to operations to enlarge the hole that the nerve passes through in the vertebra.

    We have plenty of information on this site about how to reduce pain yourself.

    For instance, ‘pacing’ is one of the best ways to reduce pain and gain some control over it. There is a whole page about pacing in the menu ‘Pain Relief’.

    Don’t regard it as ‘giving in’ to the pain, the techniques we suggest are to help you.

    I suggest that while you are waiting for the MRI you read through some of the pages and find just one or two things to try first that appeal to you, and build on that.

    Good luck and please keep in touch to let us know how you get on.

    Jan at PainSupport



    Hi Sarah
    I have spinal stenosis and it is very painful at times. This site is very helpful and you can learn a lot by just looking through the posts. I feel that for me the most important thing was to learn to accept my pain and live with it rather than against it. I know from my own experience that this is sometimes easier said than done. I helps me though because it helps me be friends with my body and want to look after it, pacing, resting, taking medication properly and as prescribed. When the pain becomes unbearable be kind to yourself and do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. One thing that particularly helped me was hypnotherapy from a good well qualified hypnotherapist. It has allowed me to take a lot more control of my conditions and to understand that I am in charge to a larger degree than I thought.




    Thank you Jan, yes I will do 🙂



    Thank you for replying Claire, it’s made me feel I’m not quite so alone but I’m sorry you too have to go through all this pain ?

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