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    If you have just had the Op, then absolutely no lifting or full bending for about 6 months i would say.
    The wires are Tethered at a point on your spine. That point will depend on your pain area i guess. But if the wires have not fully taken and adhered to local tissue. If you bend and the wires pull. They will pull down and go out of alignment with the nerve trunks they have been setup to target.
    If that happens its likely you will loose the pain killing effect and will need further surgery to re-allign the wires.

    Im post surgery about 15 months now, and im still super careful when bending and use my knees as much as possible. Bending my back maybe only 20 degrees max.
    You also need to be careful of the implant as well.
    Mine is in my bum in the fatty tissue. Late last year i knocked into a gatepost and just caught it. Jesus that hurt and the whole area brused with internal bleeding.
    The nurses logged into the unit and it was fine thankfully, just the local tissue took a hit.
    Your hospital should have covered all the Do’s and donts ?.

    I dont know about your device, but the Nevro website has an excellent Paitent area which is helpful.


    Thanks for the advice paul im only 3 days in post op so hopefully it will start to feel better .my rep said have to increase levels every 2 weeks to do it gradually …im a roofer so i think thats out of the widow now involves a lot of bending and heavy lifting work ,but if i can be relativly pain free so be it .cheers mate .

Viewing 2 posts - 91 through 92 (of 92 total)
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