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    Hi PaulT_99, That all sounds good news, Glad you have your concerns now ironed out, and hopefully back on track and can come off tapentadol again if you have not done so already. start bending slowly as you have been rigid for so long ,dont want to start pulling muscles ect. a little bit every day . Take care and wish you well. Lee


    Hi All
    Battery has finally been moved 2 weeks ago. Recovery not so restricted as wires already set in place. Still have pain in my hip from old site. Battery now under waist on right side.
    Surgeon marked site, but missed by about 2 inches, wound is along my waist. Battery directly under my waist is creating different recovery problems, ie clothes!!
    They have tried low frequency settings for pain relief as high frequency is too intense for my hyper sensitive feet. Two and half years from approval to first surgery, then another 8 month wait for battery relocation.
    Hoping I might finally get a little life back when recovered from latest surgery.


    Hi all,

    I had to have my Diabetic eye test the other day and at the same time they also gave me an ECG.
    I mentioned to the lady that i have a Nevro HF10 SCS and showed her the card i had in my wallet.
    She said i should have a wristband for that device and wear it at all times. Having a card in my wallet is no good she said.

    Do any other SCS patients have a medical Bracelet for their implant ?.


    Hi all

    I’m in the second week or my SCS trial. I have mixed feelings as I keep getting headaches. I also have concerns about having the full inplant and what I will be able to do as I love sport especially running.

    Can I ask if anyone has declared the SCS on travel insurance or car insurance.

    Any advice as feeling very alone with this as all of my friends are fit and well


    Hi AVK.

    Just hang in there. Headaches are common during the trial. You have just had a hole created in the spinal cavity and two wires pushed up it.
    Changes in Fluid pressure, or small fluid leakage in the spinal cavity will cause headaches.

    If you can, lay down on your tummy across the bed, with your legs sort of hanging over the edge. I found it really helps. No pressure on the wounds and slight stretching of the spine.

    Yes i have SCS mentioned on my car insurance. Didnt change it at all. Im with Co-Op.
    I drive 800 miles a week and my unit is turned on 24/7. Heated seats really help if you have them. I also sit slightly leaning to the right, to keep pressure off the implant on the left. As even to this day if i sit on the implant too much it gets really sore.
    Its even turned black & blue a few times with brusing just by sitting wrong. But im a bit skinny and they said i dont have much padding back there !.

    I cannot do running as i have 2 artificial hips as well. But i see no reason why not.
    One of the people on my SCS pre op course was a PE teacher. And they told her there is no reason why she cannot be fully active post recovery. If your in the UK ?, the wires are now Ancored in place so they should not move. Maybe worth checking with your surgeon.
    And dont forget, even if it doesnt work out for you, its a 30min Op to take it out. The wires just pull out apparently, and the unit pocket would be sore for a while. But its totally reversible.

    Main thing is to make sure its programmed well before leaving the hospital as reading stories on here the experiance seems to vary. St. Thomas are very good since the lady there that does the programming has been on a course at Nevro in the US. Also i have the tel number of the UK Nevro Rep, James Carmichael. He is super helpful if you ever need assistance.


    Hi Sarah,

    How are you getting on. Just going back over the past messages and realised you said that you could not get hold of the Nevro Rep. James Carmichael ?.
    I have his tel number if you need it. Ive used WhatsApp to message him and he always gets back to me in just a few mins. Top chap.


    Thank you so much on your advice, finding this forum has been brilliant and has made me feel like I’m not alone.

    I’ve got 4 cords in at the moment and 2 packs. I have 2 cords along the bottom of my back and 2 along the spine. I get to change between the two programs to see which gives better pain relief.

    At the moment the ones along the bottom are better as my pain is in the lumber section of my back. I’m about 90% sure I’m going for the full implant. Having read all the comments here I need to speak to the pain nurse on Tuesday to discuss where the box will be placed.

    If you have any experience with travel insurance then please let me know as I travel alot and this procedure isn’t a listed condition and as soon as you mention the spine companies seem to panic.


    Must admit, ive not used travel insurance since i had the implant a year ago.
    We did go to Malta recently, but my parents have retires there so we stay at their place. Thus not bothered with insurance.

    You do need to turn your Implant off before you walk through security scanners. Or before the security people go over you with a “wand”. The airport scanner will go off, so just mention your spinal implant. You will get an Implant card also to keep in your Wallet.


    TRAVELING – I just wanted to mention my experiences about traveling, as I was worried about what would happen and haven’t seen much information about it. Another bit of info we have to just figure out with our stims I guess! I’ve flown quite frequently lately. Internationally & in the states as well as gone through security at the court house quite a few times. I never turn off my unit. It never sets anything off at the airport. It does make the wand beep at the court house but I just mention I have an implant. They don’t seem concerned in the least. Ive never had to show my card, I’ve had it ready but have never been questioned. It doesn’t make anything go crazy so don’t worry about it. I do bring my remote & put it in the bin with other electronics just in case.


    AVK – As far as running and sports are concerned…I promise you will absolutely be able to return to any and ALL sports once the scar tissue around your unit has completely healed! I’ve had mine for just over two years now and I have no restrictions whatsoever! You will literally be up and running within a month or so depending on how long your scar tissue takes to build up. It’s simply a matter of your comfort. If it’s sore, just use a salve or lidocaine patches over your unit area. I suggest them both starting as soon as your wound is healed enough as the unit site will be quite sore for quite long time. I used them for sleeping, driving pretty much daily for months. I would ask your doctor to send you home with lidocaine patches (when you get your staples/stitches out) at the follow up visit after the actual surgery or purchase a good CBD cream. It will make a world of difference!

    I don’t know anything about the insurance but. Sorry.


    Thank you so much, you’ve all given such good advice and have made me feel so much better that the world will get back to normal.

    As I’m still only in my second week of trial, my back is leaking lots and causing such bad headaches but I know this will get better.

    I’m having the full I’m plant on the 27th so will post again afterwards


    Hi Wendy,

    Re: Turning device off at Scanners. This is more for your safety than anything else.
    Airport Scanners, and “Wands”, are high power RF transmitters.
    They could in theory upset the HF10. Since it is designed around contactless and RFID technology for charging and for gaining access to its serial port for configuration & Log reading.
    Given RF wands use high power RF to detect objects, it could cause the CPU inside the HF10 to crash. In which case it could be difficult to start the device again.
    I used to work with Embedded CPU’s and RFID tech for Mastercard on the Contactless project 5yrs ago. So have experience in this area.
    The HF10 being a medical device has gone through massive testing, including with the FCC. However it could still be possible. So i would always turn it off before exposing myself to high power radio. Like Body Scanners.


    Wendy – Did you mention the SCS implant to the travel insurance company? From our research the procedure isn’t mentioned on insurance websites

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    PaulT_99 – THANK YOU! I had NO idea! I had asked a few different reps about this very concern and they said all you have to do is flash your card, don’t even worry about it! These are the things that drive me crazy about our implants! It’s finding other people (like you) and others on blogs like this that give you the information that you really need. So, thank you again, I’ve been “wanded” 5 times in the past month! I’ll be making an appointment to have my unit diagnosed to make sure it’s working properly next week. I truly appreciate your information.


    AVK – Sorry, I have not mentioned the unit to travelers insurance. So I don’t have any information for you.

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