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    Hi PaulT_99, That all sounds good news, Glad you have your concerns now ironed out, and hopefully back on track and can come off tapentadol again if you have not done so already. start bending slowly as you have been rigid for so long ,dont want to start pulling muscles ect. a little bit every day . Take care and wish you well. Lee



    Hi All
    Battery has finally been moved 2 weeks ago. Recovery not so restricted as wires already set in place. Still have pain in my hip from old site. Battery now under waist on right side.
    Surgeon marked site, but missed by about 2 inches, wound is along my waist. Battery directly under my waist is creating different recovery problems, ie clothes!!
    They have tried low frequency settings for pain relief as high frequency is too intense for my hyper sensitive feet. Two and half years from approval to first surgery, then another 8 month wait for battery relocation.
    Hoping I might finally get a little life back when recovered from latest surgery.



    Hi all,

    I had to have my Diabetic eye test the other day and at the same time they also gave me an ECG.
    I mentioned to the lady that i have a Nevro HF10 SCS and showed her the card i had in my wallet.
    She said i should have a wristband for that device and wear it at all times. Having a card in my wallet is no good she said.

    Do any other SCS patients have a medical Bracelet for their implant ?.

Viewing 3 posts - 61 through 63 (of 63 total)

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