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    Hi Paul
    They had program 3 on cascade to start, is that the same. My feet are so sensitive it was too powerful. Felt they were in a vice.



    Hi all,

    My recovery has been well and living with my SCS every day and it is working great.
    Now fully off Tapentadol.

    Bit of an odd thing i have noticed this week with this cold weather is that the implant device gets really cold inside my body. Particularly if you come inside to warm up, the metal lump in my rear is noticeably freezing !. And takes a long time to warm up to where its comfortable again.

    Anyone else noticed this ?. Guess theres not a lot we can do about it ?.
    I would imagine Pacemaker users have the same problem.



    Great news Paul. Glad it’s working for you. Did you have implant moved? Mine is still on the move and fairly useless. Impossible to get beyond answer phone for Nevro rep or pain clinic. Tempted to switch off and give up. Go back to the pain I knew so well. My back has suffered dreadfully. Walking is worse than before. Have no pain relief in form of drugs. Sadly very disappointing, waste of huge amounts of time and effort.



    Paul, my unit moved out of place due to a fall a few months after my surgery so its right below my skin instead of deeper in. It is SUPER sensitive so mine does do that too. It is an odd feeling but I guess you get used to it after a while.

    Sarah, I am so sorry your experience has not been a positive one to say the least. I truly hope the pain clinic or one of the Nevro reps steps up and helps you. Is it that your scar tissue isn’t forming to keep the unit in place? Is the unit working at all? Your going on a few months post implant aren’t you?



    Unit has always been just below skin. Every step I take or change in position presses it into muscle, this is pushing it painfully upwards constantly. With the programme that pulses on and off, I can feel it in my ears!! Very annoying..I have a SI injury on opp side. Causing severe muscle spasms in lower back. Cannot get any answer when back is allowed to bend at all. 7 weeks since implant. None of this is covered in the ‘how brilliant we are’ literature!! Need a wheelchair more now than ever before.



    Hi Sarah,

    Sorry that its not working so well for you. Your definitely not getting the support you should be from your nursing team.

    I dont know if they can help, but the Nevro team at Guys & St Thomas have been great. They always get back to me within a few hours. Although since they gave the implant a push back into position i have not had any issues.

    You could try and email them and explain your issues, and the lack of response from your own hospital.

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