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    Hi, I’m due to have the above procedure done at the Queen Medical Campus, Nottingham. I’ve not got a date as such, but was told it’ll be within the next 3 month’s starting from July.
    I was wondering if anyone has had it done (either the 1st operation/both) and how they coped afterwards and the restrictions that it impedes. At the moment I’m virtually housebound now, due to severe leg pain (shooting, buzzing sensation that.makes me fall & constantly icey cold feet. My lower back pain has also got a lot worse) I’d like to know how long it takes from the beginning of it, to the end. Also how long does it take to have some quality of life (walking the dog, driving & swimming, household cleaning etc).

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    Yes me and Annie have had it done.
    There is plenty on this page of the forum. More here >>

    Spinal cord stimulator – questions

    I think all the info you need is in there.
    For me, from the very first consultation to the actual implant operation it was 9 months.

    Once you recover from the Op (4 to 5 weeks) you should have an immediate improvement.
    Try to find out what unit they will put inside you.
    The most common at the moment is the “Nevro HF10”.
    You can find more info on Nevro’s website, and if your an instagram user use the search tag “#nevro”
    You can see people from all over the world having it done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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