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    Never been on a forum before newbie go easy on me!

    Anyway long story short i’m 32 i’ve suffered from severe back pain for over 10 years.
    On a list of meds as long as my arm.

    I had spine surgery 3 years ago my discs were compressing my nerves horrendous back & leg pains.

    Since then i still suffer i have regular pain clinic injections which help to a minimum.

    I went to see the surgeon yesterday and said i was a ideal candidate for Spinal Cord Simulator.

    Never really heard of it before had a quick scan through the internet and found this page just wondering if anyone had this done?





    I have nerve damage from a back injury a few years ago. I have chronic pain in my leg, hip and lower back. I can’t sit or lay down for more than two hours at a time going on over two years now. Injections no longer work for me. A spinal cord stim is my only chance for a normal life at this point in the game. I have been waiting for approval from my insurance company since July. I have done a lot of research about it and decided it was the way to go for me. I was finally approved and had my 7 day trial just a week ago. I have to tell you, I had zero pain in my leg & hip the entire time. My lower back was still sore (I ironically wiped out on the ice the day before my procedure) but I slept for 3 days once it was placed! It was a miracle. I actually felt like myself again for the first time in years and I am looking forward to the permanent placement, which will be within a month. It is a very common procedure. Your doctors office should have monthly seminars or a rep that can discuss the unit with you. I can tell you the surgery is MUCH less invasive than the surgery you have already had. Its simply a thin wire injected into your spine attached to a unit that is taped to your back for a week. Both the trial (to make sure it works for you) and the actual implant are both day surgeries. I only took 2 days off (for recovery in case I was sore) for the trial and I believe will have to take 2 weeks off for the actual implant. The actual unit (which is small) is implanted into your bum cheek, a few thin wires into your spine and I believe a small “paddle” or node of some kind at the top of your spine. I suggest you at least do the trial to see if it works for you. The worst part of the trial for me was that I couldn’t shower for 7 days & I wasn’t allowed to bend over or lift anything heavier than 5 lbs (NOT SO BAD RIGHT?). Seriously, way less invasive than back surgery. If it can give you even 50% relief from your day to day pain and get you off even a portion of your meds, that alone would be a life changer. At least it is a situation where you can basically try before you buy with the 7 day trial implant. GOOD LUCK and I say Go For It!




    Thanks for the reply!

    I’m waiting for the specialist to get in touch to arrange the trial never going to turn the trial down will try anything glad to hear it helped you out!

    I’ll keep you informed thanks again



    I’ve had a spinal stimulator for a few years and it has given me my life back so go for it. I am sure the surgical techniques and units are a lot better and smaller now. The pain from the surgery was nothing compared to the back pain I’d had before and from what people have said here. The entire process has improved. Good luck and hope it helps.



    Use the search box top right and type in either SCS or the full name. There have been dozens of posts about the SCS. Good luck

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