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    Hi All, Over the last couple of weeks A GP rang me about the amount of codeine I was using, normally I cope with the pain and was using co-codamol or dihydrocodiene for some relief it didnt totally take my pain away but made it a bit more comfortable, as and when i needed a break. Now she wants me to be out of pain and less the codeine. so she split it to paracetamol and codeine the same as I was taking in cocodamol, after some discussion ,she just said can you try , so ok i’ll try, she wanted me to take 8 paracetamol a day and use codiene as and when.
    Problem here is if she wants me to be out of so much pain I am taking the maximum of both meds every day. hence I will be taking more codiene than I was originally taking which causes severe me constipation, and needing laxatives all she has done is created another problem and taking something else. even then, it does not get me out of being painless. I did try and explain.
    Funny thing is though I got 200 paracetamol and one box of 28 of codeine 4-5 days later I run out. rang them up to get more codeine i’ts all under review now. so good job I still got enough co-codamol left. been down this road years ago, and I dont’t think they realise how much pain I deal with, and was ok the way I was. she wants me out of pain then I’m going to need something stronger than co-codamol and longer lasting,
    Personally I dont want to go down that road again being fog brained and out me head not knowing one day from the next. It was nice of her to think about me not being in pain.
    But Why can’t they just leave things alone, it was working for me the way I was, yes I was in pain but was coping without to many problems. Know If I carry on with her way for years to come I will end up an addict.also being on that amount every day is making me bloody miserable old git.
    Sorry about the rant but needed that off my chest. Anyone else had the same situation?
    Anyway I can see a meeting with GP in very near future LOL.
    Take care all and best wishes, Lee

    Helen H

    Hi Lee
    How frustrating that your GP doesn’t understand that YOU arebest placed to understand how to manage your pain, after years of experience. Drs seem not to understand how we live, or how to get by with the minimum amount of pain relief. They just need to listen.

    I don’t know if you are the same, but I find that nothing takes the pain away completely when it is bad. I would have thought your Dr would be happy you avoid opioids and do so much to support yourself with mindfulness and crafts etc.

    Sorry you have to deal with this, and hope you can sort it out.

    Take care
    Helen. P.s constipation can really add to pain and discomfort, as many of us with lower back pain know.


    From what you are saying you are a long standing Chronic Pain sufferer.
    Thus you should be with a pain clinic, not seeing a GP.

    Codeine is a weak pain killer for mild pain, and as you know it has bad side effects.

    There are better medications out there for fighting pain with less side effects.
    But you need a full pain clinic assessment to find the best way forward for yourself.
    A GP is generally not the best way forward.

    Helen H

    Hi Paul
    I think it depends which area you are in- ours just gave me a list of meds I could try, to give to my GP so she could prescribe! They did not prescribe directly. A friend of mine saw them more recently and was recommended something she could only get on a private prescription…

    The last interaction I had with my Gp re pain meds was her telling me: ‘ I would rather that you take more Tramadol than take Ibuprofen’. I absolutely don’t agree, as I think most drugs are preferable to opioids. I have a pain review in a couple of months.

    Take care


    Hi Paul, been a chronic pain sufferer for about 23 years mate and was signed off pain clinic years a go, as they did not know what to do with me ,and been on all sorts of smarties over the years , it was my choice to come off and live by the minimum, and deal the the pain for which I have built up quite a high pain threshold. I tried explaining to gp but she wasn’t really listening and said I want you out of pain and split the codeine and paracetamol up, I said that is not going to work nor does co codamol but it takes the bite out of it a bit, know gotta ring friday for a appt.
    I think I’ll get her to refer me and try pain clinic again as it’s all probably changed since I last went and might have some options for me know.
    Take care and best wishes to you and hope you are now coping better with the SCS. Lee


    Hi Helen, Yes it is a post code lottery with the help you get. I am in quite a good area really, It was my choice to come off a lot of them drugs as I was a zombie most of the time or had adverse reactions/didnt work ect. and dont like being like that. and was coping just fine till now. as they have emerged all our surgeries in the area into one under one umbrella, so some of these DRS dont know me. and just decide they are trying help, they don,t realise Ive been living with pain for years and know more than them on how to deal with it. makes you laugh when they say I want you out of pain, well I’m gonna need more than cocodamol then, for which I dont want to go backwards and end up trying to come off of some of these horrendous side effects drugs they want you to take. been there done that. Hope you are ok and pain a bit more manageable and bearable. take care and best wishes, Lee


    Hi All, quick update, GP rang, referred back to pain clinic. well at least i’ll be back on their list again, see whats new, Than you both for taking the time to answer me. take care and best wishes, Lee

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