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    Has anyone had SI joint fusion surgery recently? I had a DIANA fusion of my left SI joint a few years ago and now urgently need something doing with the right side (it was the least damaged of the two originally). My local hospital has told me that the surgery is not available there anymore and offered me steroid injections (I have refused as when I had one before it took a long time to recover from and only increased the pain).
    If DIANA isn’t available in the UK what are the alternatives? Has anyone tried them? Any recommendations? Whereabouts in the UK? I’m willing to travel but the MSK department locally are being unhelpful (to say the least).
    All advice gratefully received.
    Thanks 🙂



    Hi JMcG, At my local they try and steer clear of surgery unless absolutely necessary. I have SIJoint problems for about 3 year now. and all they done for me was to do physio to try and strengthen muscles around the area and gave me a pelvic binder to use when out on long journeys. they did offer injections but i refused and said they don’t work for me . also have back problems fusion anyway, I know sometimes it is that painful that i cannot put my foot to the floor to bear weight. along with my back i fractured /dislocated pelvis as well in the past. so use crutches when out and about but getting to the stage of when out for more than half a day i really need a wheelchair to keep me going. that is all they have done for me and wont budge any further . take care and best wishes. Lee



    Hi Lee,
    Thanks for your reply. I hope you get a resolution soon. Surely if you’re in constant pain and can’t walk unaided then it is absolutely necessary?
    Having had surgery in the past I know that my current pain can be sorted out. The iFuse website suggests that if someone is still in pain 6 months after giving birth then the procedure should be done (my kids are 16 and 18).
    Currently finding that getting mad at MSK department good distraction from the pain ;).
    Best wishes.



    Not had the surgery but had radio frequency denerveation of si joints twice now on waiting list to have it again but symptoms worse this time struggle to walk most of the time, I can walk for a while but becomes painful quite quickly.
    What symptoms do you have as I’ve also had groin pain sitting and lying down for a few months now and wondering if that is si joint related
    I have a consultation with the pain clinic Monday so may get some answers there



    Hi Lorna, with me it is pain radiating around top of pelvis back to the front and pain in buttock radiating to front of groin, also i get sharp stabbing pains which sometimes so bad i cannot bear weight on leg but that does wear off.over a period of time, any pressure when kneeling, sometimes sitting, but not always, aggravates it and is painful. I was diagnosed with SIJoint dysfunction. SIJ belt helps when out and about. take care and best wishes. Lee

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