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    Hi I’m 8 weeks in my shingles pain is wrapped around my stomach to my ribs feel like there brocken,my skin is on fire and I still have numbness.ive tried everything,tons of nerve cream,anti-inflammatory,pain meds,cool baths,just waiting on lemon balmto come.anyone have any suggestions that they found helpful.

    Jan Sadler

    Hi Christina,
    I cam empathise with you, shingles is extraordinaily painful. I used an icepack and calamine lotion on mine. I remember I got up about five t imes in the night to do this. It did quieten it down for a while so I could get a bit of sleep.

    I hope other members come along with some more ideas for you.

    I hope it soon settles down and you become more comfortable again.
    Let us know how you get on.
    Goog luck and all best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Jan at PainSupport

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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