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    Hi everyone
    I have chronic pelvic pain caused by endometrosis. I get severe nerve pain in my back and pelvis . I get injections every four months six of them in my facet joint and si joint. This helps a lot but my nerve pain has increased a lot recently. I also have have fibromyalgia, Lipodema and lymphatic problems.
    I take gabapentin, Oxynorm and oxycondone, cocodamol ,imipramine, baclofen. I also take lorezepam which helps a bit with the spasms. Today I have a lot of pain in my groin. I am under a wonderful pain consultant who I am seeing next Monday.
    I’m on a waiting list for an operation for my endometriosis. It hurts a lot when I bend forward, my leg has a terrible nagging pain in it .my massage therapist says my pain I’m getting in my bottom is reffered pain from my pelvis. She has given me an exercise to do. I’m so tired of living in such severe pain.
    I’m just wondering if someone has any similiar pains.
    Many thanks

    Helen H

    Hi Aurora
    I am having a bad day too, and I just want to say ‘hang in there’. I have pain in the same areas as you and I know how you can feel like you’re going out of your mind with the nerve pain.

    I pray that you will not have long to wait for this op, but in the meantime, I would prioritize keeping your mental health as strong as possible- pain is exhausting and that runs down your mental and emotional energy.

    One moment at a time.

    Today I will make a plan for every half hour and set a timer, so I get through today like a climber slowly climbing a sheer rock face, bit by bit, with each hand-hold.

    Thinking of you today.


    Hi Helen
    Thanks so much for your lovely caring reply.
    The pain has calmed down a little bit but I have to be really careful when doing things. Bending forward seems to be th thing that sets it off.
    I hope as you say I don’t have to wait for my Endometrsosis surgery. I think a lot of my back pain is related to my endo. I’m really lucky as my mum is carer but is getting on a bit as she is 70 and not in the best of health.
    I have just bought a new lighter rollator as the NHS one was getting far too heavy and cumbersome for my my mum to lift in and out of the car. It needs putting together but a family friend is hopefully going to do it for us. My mum has hurt her thumb really badly which makes things very difficult and painful for her. She also has lupus and fibro.


    Hi Aurora, I to suffer back and pelvic pain, si joint pain and nerve damage/pain arthritis all generative chronic persistent pain from 2 lots of back surgery and fractured/dislocated pelvis been like it for about 23 years so understand a bit of what your going through.and over the years was on all sorts and tried a lot of stuff. but cut myself down from it all as i dont like being zombified and also being on the minimum that i can cope with helped be build up a naturally high pain barrier so when I am in horrendous pain, the drugs work for me. rather than keep uping stuff because it don’t work, but a lot of drugs, Injections ect for me either didn’t work , or had adverse reactions to or could not tolerate. and not feeling so ill from the stuff. all Im on now is amitriptyline, co-codamol, dihydrocodiene, naproxen, as and when, the only regular is ami.triptyline but do use alternative methods like Tens,what I have learnt from CBT, mindfulness, and distraction/ visualization methods. It is a case of finding what methods and drugs work for you best and that you can manage and cope on. as we are all different and what works for one doesn’t mean it will work for you,
    I wish you well for you upcoming operation and as Helen says Keep your mental attitude strong as possible, as you will get through this difficult stage and when you look back it will all be a bad dream also you will be a stronger person from your experience. Take care and best wishes. Lee

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