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    Hi all – did any of you watch this programme on CH4? Final episode was on Sunday.
    This type of programme is usually not my cup of tea, but as women were taking part for the first I was intrigued, and I found it incredibly fascinating and inspiring!

    Obviously I’m not planning on carrying 50kgs on my back, but it really resonated with everything pain related and how you can overcome your fears/past traumas etc, overcome obstacles etc. As most of us know it is really important to celebrate small successes along the way! A lot of the contestants had suffered some form of trauma in their lives, and how this had helped motivate them, and take strength from this.

    As a key component the show’s directing staff use all (and any) method necessary to ensure that the recruits are as mentally strong as they are physically. It’s a bona-fide example of just how important your mind is, no matter what you’re experiencing.

    So if you get a chance to watch this on catch up – I can thoroughly recommend it!

    best wishes AnnieD xx



    Hi AnnieD , No I did not watch it ,but sounds interesting, as my own saying and the armies, also any forces “it’s a state of mind” that makes you survive and also resilience.which i have been told by psychotherapist I have a bag of resilience, its what gets you up ,brush yourself down and carry on, no matter what. We all have a bit of this in us, on this site, it’s just a case of recognizing it. most of us have lost the physical strength but have lots of mental strength.
    take care and best wishes. Lee



    It is, the instructors give the recruits amazing therapy! It seriously shows how mental strength can help overcome huge challenges. The mind is stronger than muscle. They’re only there for 11 days, and they’re a great team – it reminds you of the support you get via here – people rooting for you!

    It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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