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    My pain is so bad now that it’s constant and when it’s at its worse it feels like my pelvis has been smashed! Apparently I have Spondylosis, arthritis ofthe spine! Anyone have that and experience that amount of pain?



    Hi iowjojo, You have my empathy, I have in past fractured/ dislocated pelvis and 2 back ops fusion. now have nerve pain/damage and arthritis also sijoint problem . and in constant pain just varying levels, and at worst cannot get up out of bed, so I do under stand how you feel I just live on the least pain medication as possible and use alternative medicine to cope daily. the worst pain is before I had my second back op. Basically surgeons wont touch me unless I have loss of bladder/bowel control and totally cannot stand up any more,

    There is a lot of info if you want to try any, under pain relief at top of page. I don’t know how long you been like this ,or what your situation is, but it is worth while seeing GP and get referred to Pain clinic to help try and get pain under control. also watch your mental health as most of us on here have problems including myself with long term pain. and done councelling, CBT and mindfulness The last two worked the best for me. also use a Tens machine when had enough of nerve pain it does not take it away but masks it to help carry on. the trouble with pain is what coping strategies and meds work for one doesn’t mean it works for you , its a case of trial and error finding what methods and meds work for you best.
    Keep in touch with how you get on and hope you find and get relief soon. take care and best wishes, Lee

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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