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    Over many years I have tried all the meds known to back pain sufferers, from paracetamol to morphine, injections with stimulation and under xray but nothings works, surgery has been offered but I’m thinking that over. However I have been using over the counter patches off and on for a while, Salonpas are available from Boots and be bought from the manufacturer in Japan. Don’t get me wrong they don’t get rid of the pain but they enable me to do small things like baking, ironing even clean the odd window, my problem gets worse when I stand still so these do give me that. Its not much but maybe worth a try, sometimes just an hour with less pain can boost my wellbeing for the whole day.


    Some patches work well when you have a localised pain issue.
    i.e a damaged Hip joint.

    Lidocane patches are probably the best, but very expensive for the NHS so they dont just hand them out to anybody. Normally via a PainClinic doctor.

    Back pain which is generally caused by a mechanical issue is “Nerve based pain”.
    As such a patch probably wont be much use unless you use the patch directly over the effected Disk / Nerve trunk on your back.


    Hi rdolly, I Agree with Paul here. and I think most of us have the same problem sitting to long, standing still at a worktop ect raise the pain levels. Have you tried a Tens machine? as I find this helps a bit as it masks the pain somewhat to carry on, some people are ok others cannot tolerate it, like all stuff it works for some and not for others, or try and think of other ways you can bake, like a perch stool or sit down in a comfortable chair and use a raised tray on wheels like when I wash up I use one bowl turned upside down then the other bowl on top to raise the bowl so I am not stooped over the sink and use a perch stool. I have tried all sorts of meds over the years, the main thing is to try and find which meds and alternative therapy works for you best and what equipment works for you to help you carry on. I try and go swimming once a week, it gets me out and feel better in water as it takes all the strain and weight off your body,and eases the pain somewhat. if I had to swim every where I wouldn’t have such a big problem, LOL but about an hour after coming out of the pool, I go back to my norm. hope you find something soon to lower your pain levels, take care and best wishes, Lee


    Thanks for the comments and peoples ingenuity and determination is amazing and inspiring. I’m not a swimmer like Lc but if I could walk round crouched down I would be fine. So thanks you warriors, I know I’m not alone.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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