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    Hello everyone, I would like to ask for any help or advice. I have a lot to explain, sorry for the long post but please bear with me.
    The first week of May this year I began to notice some unusual sensations starting in my left breast. It felt more sensitive and just not right somehow. It was not the kind of pain associated with hormones. By the Sunday my breast, armpit and arm were aching all day long and pain relief had no effect. A few days later I realised my breast was bigger but not visibly swollen. The pain did not go away and I was concerned it could be breast cancer. I saw the GP who referred me to the breast clinic. No lumps were found and an ultrasound of my breast revealed nothing. The Dr at the time suggested a musculoskeletal injury as a possible cause. Things did not improve even after the GP prescribed Naproxen. The pain was constant. Again I was referred to the breast clinic and scanned. Nothing was found. The Dr, a different one suggested lymphatic pain and said it sometimes happens to women. I accepted it and tried to get on with my life. Every day the same pain, sometimes tingling too. Back to the GP who did a blood test which revealed I was slightly low on Vit D. So I started taking a supplement. No improvement however and since August the pain has extended to the left side of my neck, the left side of my collarbone, the fingers on my left hand and occasionally my left leg. Sometimes when I am sitting my left buttock feels hard and uncomfortable too. My left breast still feels uncomfortably large and sensitive. Sometimes I can feel internal pain in my chest. Its hard to pinpoint exactly where, possibly near my upper ribcage and its more of a sharp pull than an ache. At night sleeping can be difficult, I can only sleep on my back with my head turned to the right otherwise my left shoulder rises up and makes my neck hurt. The right side of my body is fine. The pain has been really intense in my arm lately from shoulder to fingers. I use heat pads which take the edge off, I try not to use my arm as usage makes it hurt more. I’ve made a new GP appointment for next Wednesday and I hope the Dr will organise a more thorough investigation. My problem is that I have no idea what could be causing the pain. If I’m honest I’m terrified it could be cancer or something equally serious. Lately my mood has been low and I’m anxious, its really getting to me. I feel sluggish, tired and unable to exercise. I’m 33 with 3 children and a husband. I’m so scared of losing them. Can anyone suggest what may be wrong? I have googled my symptoms endlessly but that always makes me feel worse and I’m no further forward.


    1. You Don’t by chance get the Depo birth control shot? Or something similar do you? 2. Have you looked up the symptoms of chronic regional pain syndrome?

    I know random questions but #1 is worth asking. You didn’t really describe your pain is it similar to CRPS?

    I’m so sorry your suffering and scared.


    I don’t use birth control. I’ve never heard of chronic regional pain syndrome but I will look it up. The pain is strange, in my chest and armpit its like a stretched pulled muscle and occurs infrequently. In my lower back its regular back pain. For my neck its like a strain stiff neck sort of pain. My wrist sometimes feels like a sprained or twisted wrist type of pain. My arm and fingers however ache constantly and the ache is strong and my arm feels more tense and taut. Its sometimes accompanied by a long bout of tingling. I imagine it to be what arthritis feels like but I don’t know. My hand feels weak, gripping things is becoming a bit more difficult.

    I feel its all connected. Something on my left side has happened. I don’t think I had an injury but its not impossible as I do occasionally lift heavy oxygen tanks
    I don’t do sports and I’ve had no time for exercise because my baby was born with a serious condition which meant she’s been in and out of hospital for months. I’ve done lots of sitting as a result and I’ve been very stressed for over a year. I do slouch a lot and wonder about posture, trapped nerves and carpal tunnel too.


    Hi Mamadoe,

    Sorry to hear about your pain suffering, we all know how awful this can be and what it can do to your life.

    None of us here are doctors, but we do have experience.
    From what you are saying my gut is telling me you have something wrong with your Spine mechanically.
    The spinal cord has nerve trunks coming off all the way down the spinal cord and if you get any kind of mechanical injury to the spine, or a disc slips, crushes, or pops out. Then more often than not a nerve trunk will get damaged or grazed in some way.
    Thing is you wont feel the pain there, you will feel it elsewhere in your body.
    I have horrific pain in my legs and thighs. But its due to nerve damage at L3.
    Not much you can do about this since once nerves are damaged thats it for life. So i now have a SCS unit fitted and wires up my spinal cord giving near 70% pain relief.

    I suspect like most of us you wont get much of a Diagnosis until you go to a pain clinic. They can run nerve tests and also test the speed of nerve reactions on parts of the body. With these results they can tie down the close source of the issue.
    The fact you say you move Gas cylinders really does it for me. I couldnt even attempt that myself. They are super heavy and very awkward which could easily lead to a spinal type injury.


    Also the swelling of your breast is odd. Again im not expert, im just someone else that suffers with pain.
    But from what i understand swelling can occur in places due to nerve damage also. I get swelling on the side of my left leg. It all puffs up and gets a bit warm sometimes.
    I am told this is due to the nerve damage in my back, and that particular nerve routes to the upper thigh. So the body tries to fight it in that location leading to swelling even though there is no actual problem in that area.


    Hi Mamadoe
    It is awful what you are going through. In my case it took hospital professionals 4 years to tell me I have got Fibromyalgia. Because we share most of the symptoms you describe. It may be worth asking your doctor to refer you to a Physician/Rumotogist. It could be the start of the Chronic Pain Syndrome for you but hoping after the Cheka up you do not have Fibro as it is a debilitating pain.
    Best wishes

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