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    I was wondering if anyone else developed issues and nerve pain from a B12 deficiency? Did it get better?

    I damaged my perineal nerve 4 years ago through a lack of vitamin B12 thanks to my anorexia. Technically this nerve is now recovered and I have a ‘functional weakness’ which they say they cant treat so I’m left with extreme pain I dull with pregabalin.

    Did this happen to anyone else? Can anyone relate?


    Hi Em, sorry I don’t have B12 deficiency even though I have been tested numerous times. It Is a difficult one to answer, and even consultants struggle to answer, I do have nerve damage with pain.But This is what I was told and explained to me: Think of it like an electric cable and all the wire bunched up inside, within the outer casing ,if it is crushed , cut through or a fault within, and it was still live, you would still get current going through part of it but if not be continuous you would have problems, then you would pull that cable out and repair, but sadly you cannot do this within your body so it is still firing an electrical current through it, but because its been damaged in some way, that is what causes you pain, sometimes nerves can repair themselves over time to an extent but could take years according to how much damage done. some never recover properly, and its a case of wait and see, but you could have a long wait.also be prepared that it may ever recover, this is the problem neurology has in giving you an answer. NO -One really knows. and each case is different. so instead of worrying about it, prepare to learn to accept it and live with it and deal with it the best you can through meds and alternative ways to help you cope. hope this helps somewhat take care and best wishes, Lee

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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