New hobbies during lockdown?

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    Hi All,

    Now that we’re all shut in with extra time on our hands, have any of you found a new hobby to fill the time?

    I ask this as I’ve discovered needle felting. It was something that I knew nothing about until I was given a present of a box containing everything you need to get going. It wasn’t until I was wondering what to do when I was too tired to do anymore gardening that I opened the box and had a go.

    This was a couple of weeks ago, and I’m really enjoying making 2D pictures. It’s quite a cheap hobby to get started with – a needle, a handful of wool, a piece of foam and plenty of imagination!

    Keep safe and well everybody!

    Annie x

    But a warning! Be careful you don’t prod your fingers! It hurts!


    Hi Anniekat, I have not found anything new as yet, but keeping busy, crafting and making things. Glad you Ok and keeping as well as can be and that you have found something new to keep you occupied. surprising how your brain works to occupy itself and things you come up with, at moment in process of making a stair step candle holder with 5 steps spiraling up. next is a carving of an angel with leather wings as a candle holder still toying around whether to have her kneeling or standing. Seems quite interesting what your doing,shame you couldn’t post some pics. take care and best wishes and stay safe, Lee


    Hi Annie and Lee

    I am having to adapt my main hobby which is reading. When I heard our library was closing because of the coronavirus within 24 hours time I managed to get abut 20 books out of the library, mostly chosen by size! I’m trying to read slowly which doesn’t come easy! I don’t want to read any other way but with a book in my hand but if this goes on too long expect I’ll have to adapt that too.

    Hope you are both keeping well. x

    Helen H

    Hi All,
    Firstly, what a creative lot we are! Anniekat, this is a great idea for a thread! I think the lockdown must be

    I am continuing to do my usual: colouring, painting and needlepoint but i have taken up life drawing, and am doing 15 mins per day. If anyone wants to find models to draw, then google FEGUARY on vimeo. I am finding it’s a good time to try something new, and it seems to help my mental health.

    LAura, have you thought of buying an Kindle fire? Our library service has free books you can download. Amazon also provides many books for free. I got mine recently to replace a tablet, and for me its’ideal as i often can’t hold a book open.

    Take care everyone


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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