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    Hi Everyone.
    I’m suffering with nerve pain in my lower back and now in my legs
    and feet . It burns so bad , I feel on fire . Has anyone else suffering the same problem ? Do you find any medications help ease the pain ? I’m taking oramorph but it’s not working very well.

    Does anyone take Lyrica ? Does it help your pain and what side effects do you get if any ?



    I tried Lyrica many years ago. From what I remember it worked for maximum of 2 hours and afterwards I was too tired to do anything. I have a pill I can take at night but I have nothing for during the day. I’m always searching for a night or day pill that works for me.


    Hi Hope,

    I take Gabapentine for my nerve pain I get side effects from this, bad memory and when I first started taking it I slurred my words, but I don’t do that anymore. I was put on Lyrica because of the side effects from Gabapentine but I found that I got terrible migraines from it. I’m sure it says that is a possible side effect, but I do have the migraine gene apparently.

    Everyone is different, what works for some may not work for you. It may be worth trying it and seeing if you get some relief.

    Take care


    Hi Hope, the only thing I can take for nerve pain and it works somewhat for me is amitriptyline as gabapentin lyrica and others I have tried i have adverse reactions to, also helps me sleep, as Nikki says every one is different and what works for them may not work for you. I also use a tens machine when it gets bad I find this helps my brain distract from the pain, masks it. but i keep changing the frequency and pulse every half hour or so I dont get used to one feeling also use relaxation/ meditation technics or go do one of my hobbies if i can, to distract and focus and concentrate on something else or listen to music and pretend i’m the artist up on stage.sounds mad to some people but works for me . it’s a case of trial and error for what meds and distraction methods work for you, as we are all different. I have found and for most people Pain medication like opoids ect. do not work for nerve pain. I hope you find what works for soon
    take care and best wishes,Lee


    Hi Hope,

    Sorry you’re suffering, it’s awful isn’t it? I have nerve pain in both legs from operations, it’s horrible and I haven’t found anything medication wise to help, tried them all and the side effects have been dreadful. Distraction is the only thing that helps me and that doesn’t work all the time. I find it difficult to make any day worthwhile, I feel I shouldn’t be wasting my life on this pain but what can you do?

    Hope things improve. Try everything is my advice. Take care x


    Each person is different!
    I am on Duragesic 100mcgm patch and Duloxetine. Started off on 30mgm and the increased to 60mg after a month. As I reach the end of my patch cycle I have either Cocodamol or Tramadol!
    Unfortunately ones needs change with time as the body’s metabolism adjusts.


    Hi Hope,

    You may have seen my posts.
    I also suffer from lower back pain. L3 fused.
    And severe leg pain, intense burning from upper thighs all the way down both legs to my toes. With random and varying shooting electric shock pains that end up in my toes (Freakin hurts !).

    I have had 7 hips ops, of which 3 were replacements. Allthough they still wont agree this is the route cause of my pain. St Thomas pain clinic have confirmed both small and large nerve damage. Which results in my pain.

    In previous years i have also taken Lyrica. Upto 12 tablets a day at one point. Did not do anything for me.
    Also had amitryptilyne, Lidocane patches, and a host of other medications including Oramprph, and soluble morphine (Sublingual). None really helped.

    Everyone is different when it comes to medicines, since we all react in differing ways. But i am now on “Tapentadol” which for me is the first medicine to actually help reduce pain by a large amount. So much that i can work now. It has minimal side effects, when compared to the likes of Morphine.
    Best to find a really good pain clinic, and go with their recommendations tailored for your types of pain.

    EDIT: As Laura says, distractions really do help. They teach you this if you go on a pain management course. For me, i listen to music via some really expensive headphones i treated myself too. Getting immersed in the music takes focus away from the pain, and so more peaceful wellbeing.

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    ** Rose, re Lyrica. It can take over a month for Lyrica to start taking effect. You have to start on a low dose, and slowly ramp over over a period of a month or longer.
    You would not see any effect from it by taking a few tablets, or just a short course, i.e. 2 weeks.


    Hi Everyone Thanks for all your replies, it does help to know
    That I’m not alone with this terrible pain. I have tried amitriptyline
    but the side effects were dreadful.

    Hoping we all find something to help ease our awful pain , it’s so
    hard to live with every day. When it’s really bad I do have panic
    attacks thinking it will never ease .



    Hi Hope, thinking about the Lyrica again, it did work for me straight away for a good 2 hours so I feel it’s worth trying it out. I can’t remember the dosage as it was nearly 20 years ago but I’m thinking it may help you if you try taking it early evening and see how you get on with it. In the last few years, I’ve tried various other drugs for pain but It’s like one has to go through a list. Of the most popular ones. You might also consider taking a muscle relaxer pill at night, which may help you get to sleep. I’m considering trying a sleeping pill.
    2 am, tired but still awake. Heart racing as it does occasionally. All being well it will have stopped racing by 9 am. Sooner would be better ! Once upon a time I went to a healer and had a break from the pain for 18 hours. But it only worked the one time. It was strange like a numb feeling.


    Hi Hope, Nerve pain, over the years i have had it, have found is the hardest to treat with all the weird ,strange and sometimes excruciating pain that comes with it.and with all the medication and injections nerve blocks ,ablations ect. for a lot of people do not really work or have some relief, either short term or long term, but very rarely gets rid of the pains completely just dulls it down to a more tolerable level. this is why I use alternative methods /distractions as well as whatever meds help to dull it a bit, to help me cope. basically as PaulT_99 also has found out. both of us have had years of this. and after time just except that this is how I am now and try to concentrate on enjoying your life as best you can by doing things that you enjoy and can concentrate on and focus on. Horrible as it sounds, is this it then ?NO, keep fighting and trying different medications and alternative ways that help you personally to deal and cope the best you can and to lower the pain levels as best suits you. and hope, one day that miracle drug will come along and take nerve pain away completely. I have had severely fractured /dislocated pelvis and 2 spinal ops last one fusion and left with chronic persistent pain /nerve damage/pain and now arthritis in it all and SI joint problems. personally I dont look for a cure for my pain now. just get on with trying to enjoy my life as best i can and do things that i enjoy and makes me happy. with no judgement to myself or others, no blame, it is all a waste of my energy. i do what i can when i can and at my own pace. Take care all and best wishes. to finding things that help lower your pain levels. Lee


    Hi Rose I would like to try Lyrica but one of the side
    effects is tiredness and being on the medications I’m already on
    I kèep falling asleep so the last thing I want is more tiredness,
    so really scared to try it as I’d never be awake!


    Hi Lee , Your last post has helped me to see things in a different
    way. I have had nerve pain for many years too and I am realising
    nothing really helps it . I’ve read of lots of people that have been made worse with some treatments for it .
    I’m not looking for a cure , but it would be wonderful. I’m happy
    with lowering the pain to a more manageable level.
    I don’t like my adult children knowing how bad I really am , silly
    isn’t it ! I dread it when they visit as I don’t want them to see
    me at my worst , makes me feel useless . I can’t keep up the pretence
    any longer and must let them see what a wreck I really am !

    I have hobbies I enjoy which are good distractions , I make greeting
    cards which I really enjoy and also I do glitter art which is lovely
    when finished. Here’s hoping we all find some relief from our pains.



    Hi Hope, If I can change it I change it if I cannot then I just except it for what it is with no judgement and nobodies fault, give yourself time to do what you want when you want and be kind to yourself. I am glad you have hobbies as this goes a long way, sometimes without realisation, it helps you relax and makes you happy.and a sense of achievement and purpose.
    nothing is silly if it helps you but sounds as though you need to stop holding your feelings in. if your having a bad day let family members know, cause if they love and care for you as much as you think, they will help out and give you breaks from mundane tasks ect. your not useless it’s just the pain is stopping you from doing things it also effects the way we move and think.
    I find nerve pain the worst kind, and at worst can be very debilitating. just go with the flow moment by moment, as tomorrows another day lets hope its a better one. we are all here to try and help each other. and it gives me great satisfaction that i have helped in some small way, as we all deal with things differently, if we were all the same then the world would be a boring place.Take care and best wishes, Lee


    I have tried gabapentim & toridol. I couldn’t tolerate the gabapentin. The toradol helped a bit but I had to stop taking it due to kidney issues. I’ve started duloxetine. It’s been about 2 months & it’s helped the most. Aside from nerve damage in my leg & many lower back issues, I also have CRPS. Look that one up as many have not heard of it. I know the burning pain well. I am unable to sit for more than a few minutes. I was also unable to lay down for more than 2 hours at a time. The burning was excruciating! I’ve since had a Spinal cord implant & it’s a whole new world for me. I still have to take the duloxetine & some pain meds but the burning is a million times better. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about an implant. It helps specifically with nerve pain. Lots of people get off pain meds after having the implant. Although that’s not the case for me, It really has changed my life so very much.

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