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    Hi All
    Looking for advice from others in similar circumstances.
    I have multiple issues at c4 through to C7 disc osteophytes at all levels cord compression at c4/5 foraminal stenosis at all levels.Exit foraminal severe at right side c6/7 and loss of lordosis.I am on gabapentin which is doing nothing for me and would appreciate any combinations of pain relief that has been successful with anyone with similar issues.



    Hi Jmcs, blimey that’s a lot going on in your c spine, which I’m sorry to hear.I am constantly in pain but would say if gabapentin is not working very well, try going back to pain clinic and see if there is anything else you could try or combination of drugs that might be of help in reducing pain levels to a more manageable level. basically other than drugs i use alternative medicine like a Tens machine gentle exercising,core strengthening exercises /swimming mindfulness and other relaxation/visualization technics, I have also done CBT.I also do art drawing/painting wood carving and leather work when i can and able to distract my mind away from it all. There is a lot of info if you click on Pain relief at top of this page.
    Every one is different to what works for them so it’s a case of finding something you enjoy doing that you can focus and concentrate on.for distraction.I hope you find something soon to help you lower your pain levels. Take care and best wishes. Lee


    Helen H

    HI jmcs- sorry you have not had more replies to your question.

    If only there were one tablet that would just silence the pain we would all be taking it!!! For most of us it is a case of trial and error and seeing what combination is helpful for you. I believe that we all have differing receptors in our brains…hence the fact that Gabapentin that is brilliant for some has not helped you ( or me).

    I agree with Lee that it is all about finding a combination of medication, rest and activity, TENS etc…and keep going back to your Dr/pain clinic and asking to try something else. In an ideal world it would not be so difficult ( on top of the difficulty of the pain).
    Take care

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