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    I have been treated for facet joint arthritis – the steroid and nerval abalations have failed to give lasting relief. Out of curiosity I decided to see the radiology report – this doesn’t mention facet joint arthritis – I know perhaps shouldn’t this but can anbody make sense of the report below:-

    MR lumbar spine
    There is perhaps minimal degenerative disc disease L4-5. Slightly more obvious signal loss are seen
    within the lumbosacral disc. There is also posteriorly in the left tear in the L5-S1 disc manifest by a high
    intensity zone within the annular fibres. There is a small posterior disc bulge here but is well contained by
    the anterior extradural fat.
    Elsewhere there is very little to see. There is minimal early for set and a bilaterally at L5-S1.
    There is no evidence of a significant focal disc protrusion. Exit foramina appear normal.
    Marrow signal is normal throughout.
    Spinal canal is of good capacity throughout the lower cord and conus appear normal.


    Hi Kingrollo, I hope you can forgive but we are not drs on here and the best people to advise you is your GP or consultant who ordered your mri scan.
    But from what I can make out is basically you have very mild degenarative disc disease which means that the disc in L4-5 has lost its fluid which comes with age or injury,which bring the bones (vertabra) closer together and can aggravate the nerves, the L5-s1 has a tear in the disc but not leaked the fluid out and is slightly bulging which can aggravate surrounding nerves, and that the spinal canal has no narrowing which can aggravate the spinal cord or surrounding nerves, and the formina is basically the opening where nerves, blood supply run through a bony area. which they say is normal, other than that it’s as far as my knowledge of the spine goes so you dont have stenosis which is the narrowing of the holes in the bone for where the nerves spinal cord run. other than the small bulge in disc and lose of fluid in disc the rest is all ok. hope this helps some what , but would still ask GP or consultant . take care and best wishes, Lee


    Thank you.

    Yes my MRI has been discussed – but the issues and treatment have focused mainly around the fact joints – with only a minor mention of the discs – yet the report seems to focus on the discs – I will ask about this next time.


    Hi Kingrollo yes that would be where the disc has collapsed a bit around L4-5 where it has lost fluid. and under stress, probably when your doing 60 miles cycling the vertebra are knocking together a bit, and if under real strain like jumping one of them can fracture, just a warning, to be a bit more vigilant about what your doing, but that’s up to you, what you do at the end of the day. anyway take care and best wishes, Lee

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