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    Hi all, I had been on morphine slow release 60mg twice a day for 8years with oramorph for break through pain. My pain consultant is now slowly stopping the morphine slow release and putting me on Tapentadol 200mg twice a day. Morphine is horrible to come off but after 8weeks it seems I might be through the worst of it.
    I also take amitrypylene, duloxetine, pregablyn but my pain is still there and never goes away, I had a spinal fusion in 2008 but after that my metal work moved and pinches on my spine. I have to use crutches around home and a wheelchair for getting around shops etc. Most days are bad but I keep telling myself I,m not the worst.
    My pain consultant has mentioned going to London for a Spinal Cord Stimulator but my wife doesn’t,t want me to .
    I don’t know what to do, I feel like giving up.


    Hi Bandit,

    Sorry to hear that you’re in pain. We all know what you’re going through! Sometimes it’s hard to cope with, isn’t it.

    Why doesn’t your wife want to have a Spinal Cord Stimulator? It works very well for a lot of people. You’ll find a lot of posts on this forum from people who have had one fitted. I hope you can persuade your wife to support you to go ahead and have one fitted!

    Annie x

    Eileen Asbury

    I’m on ZOMORPH slow release with OROMORPH for break through pain.
    That’s because of pain from 2 THR’s 2nd one didn’t go well, then a replaced knee and finally a replaced shoulder. I’m on crutches permanently and a scooter around shops.
    I got the results of an MRI a couple of days ago. The consultant/surgeon who did most of my replacements referred me for this. I expected to be seen at his next clinic because my mobility is very bad now. I got a message from his secretary saying that she was to contact my GP and get her to refer me to either a spinal consultant or a neuro surgeon?????? She wont be in until Tuesday and I have a telephone appt. with her then. I’ve had a couple of falls [hence the replaced shoulder] and he thinks that either of them could deal with it better than he could.
    I’m a bit worried….not sure what to expect.

    Eileen xx


    I attended my GP on Monday to be told that when I returned from holiday I would be going onto a program to reduce my fentlyn patches and tramadol and taking me off gabapentin as there was absolutely no medical evidence that these drugs help with fynbromyalgia pain. I was in fact there to see him about severe pain in my hip, which he has once again attributed to fybromyalgia. I’ve been beside myself with worry. I have had Fybro for 10yrs, my meds have always been carefully monitored and balanced by my previous GP. We’ve now moved house and a doctor who doesn’t know me at all has decided I’ve to come off all my meds. I’m between raging and distraught. Now you’ve made me realise that this is a NHS directive, can I ask to be referred back to my consultant before this GP removes my medication.’My Fybro was triggered by a botched surgery that I almost died from and I’ve been left with nerve damage . My new GP is uninterested and claimed there was no record of an MRI scan and letter saying I have nerve damage, I’ve never felt so humiliated and felt like I was being treated like a drug user.


    It could be worth looking into Spinal cord stimulation. There were a few people with fynbromyalgia on my recent course at St. Thomas.

    You say your meds have always been balanced by your GP. It is my feeling that anyone at our stage in Pain should be managed by a specialist Pain Clinic.
    GP’s just do not have the experience, unless they have trained specifically in Pain Management.

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