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    Has anyone on the forum got any experiences of a mixed opiod regime for there chronic pain? Ive been in hell since January having had morphine stopped. Was firstly switched to oxycodone which didnt work. Then had tapentadol introduced firstly at 50mg along with oxycodone, this was then increased to 100mg with Oxycodone at 20mg and my pain was the best it had ever been but was told by the hospital that both opioids couldn’t be prescribed and I was to switch to Tapentadol 200mg. Once again had horrendous pain since this happened in Feb was told it was withdrawal and to just give it time. I was back at the hospital last week and asked why the two drugs couldnt be prescribed and was told there is no way this could be done nor as health professionals would they prescribe this way. I couldnt believe my ears and dud challenge why and was given the same answer, I didnt matter when I told her that its about my pain. My partner works in the pharmaceutical industry and asked was it through interactions the two couldnt be prescribed. She was like a rabbit caught in the headlights and admitted she didn’t know the pharmacology of the drugs. She then threatened me with an appointment with the pain consultant as if that was going to phase me bring it on i thought to myself. If anyone is taking combination opioids i would be really interested to hear from you. Dave



    I would be wondering whether they have put you on a combined regime that they shouldn’t have done and she’s maybe covering up. Afraid I can’t help. I have oxycodone but the only thing I take with it is paracetamol.
    Sounds like you do need to see the consultant. Good luck



    Hi David,

    Best thing I can suggest is look up both drugs on the NICE websites and get the central guidelines. They can’t argue with NICE guidelines.

    Forewarned is forearmed.


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